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VivaCalleSJ  Free program opening miles of San Jose streets to bring people to walk, bike, skate, play & explore the city like never before. Join us May 19, 2019!

If your out here braving the elements with us and if you hear or see lighting or thunder, please seek shelter. The rain has lightened up a bit in some areas. See you on the route, we’re still out here! 💪🏽 #vivacallesj #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun #RainOrShine

Rain or shine we are out here! #vivacallesj let’s go! See ya here 10 am - 4 pm #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun

Viva CalleSJ is a team effort. Our partners in the Department of Transportation (DOT) play a big role in helping design the route and traffic flow. This past year, DOT launched Better Bikeways. A redesign of safer bike lanes in downtown San Jose that will be expanded. Check them out! #SJDOT #vivacallesj #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun

#Repost @contentmag
Join us Sunday, May 19 from 10am-3pm for Viva CalleSJ! Walk, bike, skate, play and explore the city like never before as miles of scenic San José streets will be closed!
Content Magazine will be co-hosting a DJ stage with @sjcomeup in front of @caminobrewingcompany Company. Join us for a pint and pick-up a Content playing card designed by @waradmiralpress

Check out the DJ lineup:
10am: Steve Baxter
11am: Normtronics
12pm: DJ Dopey Dana
1pm-3pm: DJ Enano & DJ Table of Remedy Radio (vinyl set)
#VivaCalleSJ #Walk #Bike #Skate #Play #SanJose #DTSJ #ContentPick #siliconvalleylife #408creates #creative #culture #bayarea

This Sunday, May 19 #FordGoBikes will giving away Free (30 minute) rides for all everyone on the @vivacallesj route! To redeem this pass, download the Ford GoBike App and create an account, select “Access Pass” type in VC519 to redeem. See you this Sunday at #vivacallesj “Rain or Shine”! @fordgobike @lyft #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun

💥3 Days💥 till this Sunday’s @vivacallesj “Downtown & East Bound”! Rain or shine, it’s going down! While you’re on the route, stop by #HigherFire and check out their Pottery Museum. This Sunday, May 19 from 10am - 3pm. See ya’ there! #vivacallesj #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun @higherfire_sj

This Sunday, May 19 @vivacallesj pedicabs will be available for private rentals. Especially for those of us walking around with the elderly or young children. Or if you want to relax and enjoy the route, this option is for you. Follow @eco_city_cycles or contact them for for more info: (408) 771 - 7723 or See ya this Sunday, May 19! #vivacallesj #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun #ECCPedicabs

🚨Rain or Shine🚨it’s going down this Sunday, May 19! @vivacallesj “Downtown and East Bound”. 💥Only 5 Days💥 till kickoff! Make sure you check out our HUBS and all other activities along the route! FREE Open Streets for the whole family. 10am - 3pm, see ya there! #vivacallesj #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun

May 19 @vivacallesj “Downtown and East Bound” supporter #GardenCityConstruction #Studio724 make sure you stop by #Studio724 while you’re on the route. We’re only 🚨6 Days🚨till #vivacallesj We hope to see you there! #vivacallesj #buildingcommunitythroughfun

🚨1 Week🚨till the May 19 @vivacallesj “Downtown & East Bound”! We hope to see you next week Sunday! 6 Miles of Open Streets. Walk, Jog, Skate, Scoot, or Bike the streets of San Jose like you’ve never done before. Make sure you stop by the Main Hub locations as well: Emma Prusch (Story & King) • Parque de los Pobladores • St James Park. #vivacallesj #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun

@siliconvalleybikes Festival joining us at this years @vivacallesj at the Emma Prusch HUB. ❗️ONLY 8 DAYS❗️ till the May 19 “Downtown and East Bound” #vivacallesj Free Open Streets for the whole family! #vivacalle2019 #buildingcommunitythroughfun #siliconvalleybikefestival

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