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Vitaly Bulgarov  Principal Designer at Hankook Mirae Technology by day and an indie game developer by night. Clients: Blizzard, ILM, Dreamworks, Boston Dynamics, Intel

One of the earlier quick 3D concepts for a 4-legged robot I did for Hankook Mirae Technology last year. Modeled in Moi3D, rendered in Octane. To learn more about the company go to:
#hankookmiraetechnology #mech #robot #quad

Click the link in my bio to see the new trailer for Alita: Battle Angel if you haven't already!
I had a pleasure to work closely with the teams at Lightstorm Entertainment and Troublemaker Studios on designs for both Alita’s robotic bodies you can see in the trailer. Kudos to all the teams involved, from Preproduction to VFX and everyone in-between! Looking forward to see it on the big screen when it comes out :)
#battleangel #alita

Finished rendering this shot!
#machineinstinct #octanerender

Defense systems "Werewolf" and "Wardog" are charging up before deployment to Sky Grid. #machineinstinct

Started working on the 6th shot of the intro for #machineinstinct
Blocking out the red lighting first with gray material applied to the scene to see how the spinning lights affect the base composition with panning camera. Moving onto shaders/textures + additional lighting
Software used: moi3d, Softimage, Octane Render.

Thanks for all the love this thing got in previous posts! Since some of you wanted to see it a little closer and from different angles I thought I'd give it a spin in the viewport and record it. Some of the parts were modeled in moi3d and some in Softimage and later combined in Softimage before rendering. #machineinstinct #workinprogress #dropship #scifi

Shoutout to my friend David Lesperance @metalman123456123 and also reposting what I think is one of his best works (maybe because it has a strong Dark Souls vibe which is an instant win for me lol). If you love metal and all things related check our his profile. David is a making a dark gothic fantasy side scroller indie game all by himself and I can't wait to see it when it's done. 💀 Cheers! #staymetal

Few renders of the dropship I'm working on for #machineinstinct game. A compact insect-inspired ship carries the robodog and drops it on the Sky Grid platform to make sure nothing can stop Plasma extraction.
#mech #scifi #dropship #comingsoon

One of the ideas for a 4-legged robot concept I did for Hankook Mirae Technology last year. Modeled in Moi3D, rendered in Octane. To learn more about the company go to:
#hankookmiraetechnology #mech #robot #quad

Repost from @armorheadstore that tells a little story about how @dmitry_parkin and me came up with the idea to create #ArmorHead project. And yes it is our company's corporate policy to wear a piece of armor and carry a sword during any important meeting in case things heat up 💀
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#medieval #medievalkitbash #armorhead

"The grid is fading". A crop from the 5th shot for #machineinstinct intro I'm working on. Modeled in Moi3d, camera motion, particles and light animation in Maya, rendered in Octane.

"Overrun... the Sky Grid is fading..." Working on the 5th shot for #machineinstinct intro.
#scifi #darkscifi #mechs

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