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Vital MTB  An awesome online #mountainbike community with top-notch videos, photos, reviews, and event coverage. Boosh!

Fifty feet of fun. #vitalmtbdailyshot by Alan Knott, with @blk_zach. #cominginhot

#boise mountain bikers, this Tuesday is the day for showing up to the City Council meeting to support the proposed bike park. Let’s get this awesome place to ride on lock! #mtb #boisebikepark @swimba.trails @boisebicycleproject @alpinebikeparks #idaho

@kylestrait down the insane line he built and rode together with @camzink and @peferry last year. What will 2018 bring? #rampageiscoming #vitalmtbdailyshot by @maddogboris #straitdownthemiddle

Winning races is cool and all, but looking the part - now that’s crucial! Hit the site to vote in our poll and help us decide who had the sickest kit of the 2018 World Cup season. Internet bragging rights are at stake! #linkinbio #poll featuring photos by @svenmartinphoto, @maddogboris, @danhearn, @leetrumpore, and @iceman2058

It’s Tuesday, get out there and tweak it. #vitalmtbdailyshot selfie by @robert_loughlin. #tweakittuesday

With more travel, bigger wheels, and a different approach to suspension design, the all-new 2019 @ridecannondale Habit becomes a much more versatile trail weapon. The bike launches today, and everything you want to know awaits at the link in our bio! 📷 and ✏️ @iceman2058

Introducing Vital's latest custom build! This rippin' @transitionbikes Patrol is serving as @brandon.turman's test bed for various #mtb component reviews. Curious about the details? You can see the full specs at the LINK IN BIO. #partyinthewoods

Anatomy of a trick. #vitalmtbdailyshot by Kick!Photo, with @szymongodziek. #sequenceofstyle #stepbystep

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