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Vita Coco  Good for feeling good. Full of electrolytes, nutrients, & coconut goodness.

Grab some Vita Coco Sparkling and share with your friends! Unless you don’t have any friends, then give one to a stranger, and they might become your friend. If that doesn’t work, we’re happy to hang out. 📸: @dybrkr

Looks like a breakfast of champions, but mostly because only a true champion would have enough energy to make this spread as beautiful as it is. 📸: @cleanfooddirtycity

We mix real fruit in coconut water because it tastes good. I guess that’s not really funny. Why does everything have to be funny? 📸: @greysontarantino

We wish we could say that we had anything to do with this photo besides sending @livelytable our pressed coconut flavor, but that would be a stretch. 📸: @livelytable

Tell us how you eat it, wear it, swear by it.
📸: @jessmarak

If you can name all the ways you can open a coconut, we’ll give you a present. Well we probably won’t, because sometimes we forget, but there’s a chance we just might, if we’re feeling generous. 📸: @nalubowls

Drink Vita Coco! When you’re hungover! Oops, sorry for shouting.

Bartenders always tell us to mix in a water. Why not coconut water? Vita Coco is pretty much identical to normal water, except it’s more delicious and has electrolytes and nutrients and vitamins, so it’s better than normal water, actually.
📸: @theboochreview

‼️GIVEAWAY‼️ Holiday parties = the best. The morning after holiday parties = the worst. We've partnered with our friends at @lovephilosophy and @woollythreads to give away a recovery kit, chock full of post-party essentials. Entry details below:

1. Follow @vitacoco , @lovephilosophy , and @woollythreads
2. Tag ONE friend OR ONE co-worker who could use this

Open to US Residents. No Purchase necessary. Giveaway ends Saturday December 8th at 11:00 am. Winner will be contacted via direct message.

Coconutmilk is a blend of Vita Coco coconut water and coconut cream that’s perfect for lattes. Don’t drink coffee? It’s also great in smoothies. Don’t drink smoothies? Well, you can pour it on your cereal. Don’t eat breakfast? We got you. It’s great for dunking cookies into. Don’t eat cookies? We don’t believe you.
🎥: @jessmarak

A great post-workout refreshment, even if your workout was like..100 days ago.

Some people call coconut water mother nature’s sports drink. But coconut water was here first, so if anything, sports drinks are man made coconut water.
📸: @mike.aidala

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