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VITA ASSOCIATION  VITA ASSOCIATION a no-profit Organization for a Better World!

Vita Association wish a wonderful & Happy Mother's Day! We should always be thankful and grateful to the woman who give us life! Life is Vita the most precious thing we have! Some children in Nepal they unfortunately lost their parents during the Earthquake so as a Charity Association we choose to build an orphanage to give to those children a new home and family thanks to Meena Thapa who she dedicate her life for them! We are so grateful for that! #mothersday #mothersistersnepal #VITAforNEPAL #photobystellanessi

One of the many Vita Association projects is to provide access to clean water by providing water-filter to remote villages in Sindupalchock and Lantang in Nepal, focusing on sustainable management of fresh water resources in the long term. Help us to support this project, together we can make a difference! #worldwaterday #charitywater #charityproject #vitaassociation #togetherforabetterworld

We are excited to announce that VITA Association will be partnering with Conscious Impact and Mothers Sisters Nepal to construct an orphanage in Nepal this year! This orphanage will be home to more than 18 children whose parents died during the 2015 earthquake. We are proud to be able to support such a beautiful project. #charityproject #orpanage @consciousimpact @vitaassociation #togetherforabetterworld

Every children need a safe structure and a good school for a better future! #vitafornepal #vitaassociation #charityassociation #helpchildreninneed #charitymission #makeadifference #togetherforabetterworld

Repost from @valentinanessi 's school project in Nepal in the Sindupalchock district, the most destroyed area from the past heartquake! Support us and give us a lutto e donation to UBS Sto arrivando! Lugano Svizzera: IBAN: ch200024724713726240b
Bic: ubswchzh80a #vitafornepal

After a year of the terrible heartquake in Nepal VITA Association & Associazione Mani per il Nepal are working together to give a better future to people in need, especially children #VITAforNEPAL #vitaassociation #forabetterworld Photo credit by @valentinanessi

Today is World Water Day! We should honoring everyday the water because we can't live with out!! It's so sad that in some countries people need to walk for hours to find a source of clean water! Water should be the first and primary need for every human being! Celebrate the World water day with us #forabetterworld #worldwaterday

everyday life on the streets of Bhaktapur before the earthquake #bhaktapur #nepal #vitaassociation #vitaproject #charityproject #vitafornepal #photobystellanessi

Baktapur Photo taken before the heartquake by@stella nessi #nepal #vitafornepal #vitaassociation #forabetterworld #photobystellanessi

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