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visualeyezit - Frances  I'm Frances! 😊✌ I have no idea what I'm doing, hence my messy feed. 😝 I'm consistently eclectic, so expect the unexpected 😉 All 📱4 & 4s.

• shoot for the stars! • ✨#visualeyezit

• Los Angeles skyline • Hey, everyone! Here's the view of Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory taken a few weeks ago. Was on a mini IG hiatus, but I'm glad to be back! 😊 Have a fantastic week! || 🌆#visualeyezLA#visualeyezit

• only in my imagination • (Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! 😊) ✨#visualeyezit

• the admirers • Couldn't resist posting another pic of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA. Hope you guys don't mind. Hehe. 😉 || 🌆#visualeyezLA#visualeyezit

• curves, lines, and shadows • Happy Monday, folks! Took this one a few weeks ago at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Isn't the architecture amazing ? 😍😍😍 || 🌆#visualeyezLA#visualeyezit

Found a leftover ferris wheel shot taken in April at King's Dominion (Virginia). Yay! It's Friday! 👯💃👯💃 Have a great weekend, guys! 😊✌ //🎡#visualeyezCoasters#visualeyezDCandVA#visualeyezit

•EUPHORIA• // Hey, guys! I'm back from my mini vacation in LA! Oh, and thank you all for the sweet birthday greetings! 😊🎂🎁 You guys were right; I had the most fun, most awesome vacation / birthday / anniversary ever! 💃👯💃👯 Amusement parks, the occasional run-in w celebrities and great food - pretty much sums it all up. 🎢💁🍴This is a huge Emmy statue we stumbled upon as we were walking around in LA. (Edit inspired by the lovely and talented @janespy 😊) Have a great rest of the week ! 😉❤✌// ✈#visualeyezLA#visualeyezit

Hello, friends ! I'm on the way to LA right now and I'm going to be there for the next several days to celebrate my birthday. 🎂So, I'm gonna be taking a short IG break. Hehe. In the meantime, here's a pic of a roller coaster called Dominator at King's Dominion in Virginia. Have a good rest of the week! ☺✌ || 🎡#visualeyezCoasters#visualeyezDCandVA#visualeyezit

The world's fastest dive coaster: Griffon! (Busch Gardens, VA) // ✈#visualeyezDCandVA 🎢#visualeyezCoasters✨#visualeyezit

E•S•C•A•P•E // ✈#visualeyezPI#visualeyezit

The Edge of Earth || ✨#visualeyezit

daydreaming || ✨#visualeyezit

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