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Visit Tromsø  Spreading our love for Tromsø. � Tag and follow @visittromso to give us permission to regram your best #tromsomoment � #visittromso

The first glimpse of the northern lights! It’s not strong, but it’s there 💚 Now we hope for a clear sky so we might can see more of this green lady 🙌🏻 Thanks to @glennsmeers for sharing 📸

These colors of the sky only make the view even better 💙💜🧡💛 Thanks to @linda_henriksen_ for sharing this #tromsomoment

Have any of you been climbing some mountains this week?⛰ @eliashendrson for sure has and shared this picture of him jumping into the weekend 📸

Beautiful clouds. Almost like northern lights! Could this be a sign that the northern lights season soon begins? 🤗 Thanks to @renatelu for sharing 📸

A reindeer relaxing on the beach before the winter season starts 🏖 This little fellow posed for @melinaninin 📸

The perfect getaway for the night 😍 Just about 30 minutes outside Tromsø you can get this amazing view 🚗💨 What are you waiting for? @jannerhans1 shared this #tromsomoment 📸

There is nothing like a hike to put on a smile on these guys faces 😁 Can you recognize the flag? 🇱🇹Thanks to @zilvinaspekarskas for sharing 📸

Today is the official commencement of study! We wish a happy welcome to all new students 🕺 Did you know that we have 10.410 students in Tromsø? 📚📝 Thanks to @uitromso and @ranmersol for this picture 📸

The view of Tromsø during landing 🛬💙 Captured by @milicadee 👌🏻

Love all these colors ❤️🧡💚💛 @lisaluring captured this cool #tromsomoment 🙌🏻

So this happened last night! 🤩 a rainbow in the pink sunset sky! 💗 Wish you all a GREAT weekend! This fantastic #tromsomoment is captured by @karideboer 👏🏻

How about a swim in the blue icy water? 💦❄️ Captured by @larsmathisen_photography 🙌🏻

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