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Scientific studies have proven that the Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ (also known as 'shinrin yoku') can reduce blood pressure and stress, increase energy levels, boost mood and even accelerate recovery from injury and illness. The practice simply involves immersing oneself in nature in a relaxed, yet conscious way and benefiting from the myriad of restorative rewards. #VisitJapanAU

It's easy to see why autumn is the best time to visit Shosenkyo Gorge in Yamanashi Prefecture. ❤️ During this time the gorge is filled with rich yellow, orange and red hues. Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, the area is home to over 126,259 ha of natural forests, mountains and forested valleys. #VisitJapanAU

Today marks the start of the Tokyo Game Show, (commonly known as TGS), commonly considered as one of the top video gaming expos in the world. 🕹️👾 (Pictured is Akihabara - the gaming centre of Tokyo caught on camera by @sawyer_fuji) #VisitJapanAU

For an authentic and atmospheric Japanese dining experience in Kyoto, head to Yojiya Cafe (near Ginkakuji Temple). 🍵🍬 Enjoy a cup of hot green tea, with some elaborately decorated, traditional Japanese sweets. 🍵🍬 TOP TIP: To get here from Ginkaku-ji Temple, follow the Philosophers’ Path until Honen-in Temple. Just past this you will find Yojiya’s Cafe. Photo by @earth_traveler1 #VisitJapanAU

Strolling Kyoto's city streets is one of the best ways discover the beauty, charm and history hiding around every corner of this ancient city. Photo by @hiro_510 #VisitJapanAU

Travelling by train and want to see the autumn leaves? Here are some of the best viewing spots in Japan accessible by rail... 🍁🍂 #VisitJapanAU

Life is short, so go on and enjoy the creme brulee pancakes for breakfast! 😍 Located in Kodaira City, (in the western part of Tokyo), in western Tokyo Egg Cafe is known for its fluffy crème brulee pancakes, (a cross between a pancake and a souffle), stacked with cream and served with a golden sugar crust on top. Video by @yushi0215 #VisitJapanAU

Often considered one of Japan's most impressive natural landscapes, Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki Prefecture was formed after lava from Mount Aso cooled to form the impressive sheer cliffs of the gorge.🍁🍂 If you're visiting in autumn we highly recommend a boat-ride through the gorge to view the colourful autumn leaves! 🍁🍂 #VisitJapanAU

🎊 If you're in Osaka this weekend, you're in for a treat! Today marks the start of the high-octane Kishiwada Danjiri, running until Sunday. 🎊 This is the largest and one of the most spectacular danjiri matsuri (float festivals) in Japan, where giant wooden floats are pulled and pushed around the streets of Osaka at breakneck speeds, followed by a stampede of festival-goers, hundreds strong. Not for the faint-hearted, one of Japan’s most thrilling and spectacular festivals makes for compulsive viewing! #VisitJapanAU

The triple decker piggie ice-cream from ‘The Zoo Ice-Cream Shop’ in Harajuku certainly has the kawaii factor! (1,000 yen or around $12 AUD for three scoops.)🍦🐷 If you'd prefer something a little smaller, a single scoop costs just 500 yen, (around $6 AUD) and comes shaped as an elephant, panda, tiger, koala or pig. Oink. #VisitJapanAU

Goshikinuma in Fukushima Prefecture has around 30 lakes and ponds, where the colour of the water changes depending on the weather and the seasons. Among them, Lake Bishamon is the largest, and you can enjoy rowing through its polychromatic waters as the days go by. Rumor has it that there is a koi fish with a heart shaped pattern on it, and that those who find it will have good fortune in love. ❤️🐟 Photo by @jesse.chance #VisitJapanAU

We often get asked if Japan is a suitable travel destination for vegetarians? We're pleased to report it's a veritable vegetarian paradise! With a diet traditionally rooted in a diverse range of plant-based foods, vegetarian-friendly dishes and delights can be found on just about every menu across all 47 prefectures! #VisitJapanAU

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