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Visible Cloaks  Spencer D

rolling abstract w/@mumdance b2b on @nts_radio shortly, 12noon GMT 🔨 steam on✌️

tonight in London at ‪@‬corsica.studios ::: VC live set + we're soundtracking an installation of ‪Mike Tyka’s "Dreams of Imaginary People" , which uses a neural net trained on thousands of facial photos to create portraits of people that do not exist. “Many thousands of photographs of faces taken from Flickr are fed to a type of machine-learning program called a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). GANs work by using two neural networks that play an adversarial game: one (the ‘Generator’) tries to generate increasingly convincing output, while a second (the ‘Discriminator’) tries to learn to distinguish real photos from the artificially generated ones. The images you see are thus a result of the rules and internal correlations the neural networks learned from the training images.” full info/tix here ->

this afternoon in milan - lecture/workshop on chance music & MIDI translation for Electropark Exchanges ( @electropark ) + speaking on a panel on neri oxman's cycles of creativity - space is limited!

some upcoming live dates! 🇳🇱🇮🇹🇬🇧🇺🇸🇫🇮🇱🇻 see u in the EU & UK shortly, starting this weekend at @deschoolamsterdam ✌️

pre-ordering now: very honored to have been asked to remix this beautiful shard of Okinawan music history for a new 7” on EM Records. A side is Jun Arasaki and Nine Sheep’s unusual jazz-ensemble arrangement of the traditional Ryukyu min'yō piece “Kajyadhi Fu Bushi”, recorded live for Japanese television in 1977 and existing only on a VHS tape in Jun’s archive. The traditional sanshin ensemble is augmented by woodwinds, piano and a jazz rhythm section - unfolding flowers, abstract harmonic structure and swirling pentatonic beauty. B side is my own remix using this master as source material, dipped in deep-dream electronics.

english page for info/ordering:
ショップ・サイト (日本国内用)
also available in the US through @lightintheatticrecords and in the UK through @japanblues / TAD

coming up in london at @corsica.studios for “Ø” - live set + installation w/Mike Tyka, soundtracking his “Dreams of Imaginary People” GAN piece. thnx @kode9 for putting us on ✌️

our first LP (recorded in 2013!) is coming back into print, via @musiqueplastique in partnership with @seance_centre. DMM pressed & still donning @rryannbboyle’s eternally brilliant sculptural work - available here: (ps swipe for rare night shot)

portland: tonight at leaven community, 6:30 doors, 7pm show, do not miss! presale sold out but there will be a few tickets at the door

did a dreamy mix for @sanpodisco link in bio wait am i doing this right

this friday! VC x NTS at @zebulonla 🍏🌱♻️ info/tix—>

DJing this wednesday w/@ben___ufo in portland at the liquor store, info ->

coming up in April: we’ll be celebrating Ursula K Le Guin’s life & @freedomtospend‘s re-release of "Music and Poetry of the Kesh" with our friend (and Oregon synth legend!) Todd Barton and Ursula's family & friends in Portland's Leaven Community Center. Todd will be performing selections from "Music and Poetry of the Kesh”, Moe Bowstern will be reading from "Always Coming Home" + much more...honored to be involved 🌀

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