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Jay @shiftingself with my zine! Get yours at the link in my bio. #loveletterzine

Creating a sustainable joy.

✨💧🌊Link to purchase in bio🌊💧✨I have mailed out every order! You should all expect a zine from me this week! I have also put all the wonderful pictures you all took with my zine on the listing because I was saving them all on my phone, and I don't have space, but still want to indulge my hoarder tendencies 😂 I think I am only going to do one more run and then focus on making other things (soft cover, eco friendly notebooks soon!) 🌞#loveletterzine 💜 #woc 🌿 #poetry 🌺#zines

#LOVELETTERZINE is a 36 page, full color handwritten multi-medium collection of #poems.
A myriad of questions.
An intimate reflection on love, family and womanhood

Benediction ✨

Reminder that this is a highlight reel. I don't have it all (or even half of it) together. Up until Monday night, my room was a MESS. Like unacceptable. I spent yesterday crying. I'm wearing an ugly pair of pants today because I have a laundry bag spilling over of things I need to wash (ok, maybe the pants aren't THAT ugly, but I'm not wearing them in a way that appeals to me). I don't always dress to the 9s or perfectly apply my lipstick. Although my life is filled with love, I usually feel alone when it most counts... when I feel I need to be supported. Often, it's because I don't know how to ask, or when I do ask, people seldom say/do the right things. I live in New York City, a place some believe is one of the greatest, but I don't like it at all 50% of the time. Feel very placeless and long for a lusher, slower, greener existence. And these are the small, micro parts. I am troubled by this country. This world. These institutions. The way we relate to eachother as humans. There is a new thing that plagues me every day it seems. A moment when I witness us being anything but soft/kind to, or considerate of, the other. At times I am an active participant in the proliferation of this instead of the one who heals it, as I would like. However, just because this is a reality, it doesn't make the beauty any less true. If anything, it adds to the beauty. Here is a person who feels so much. Is troubled by much. Lives a lot of this life in her head. And still she finds time to look around. Is intentional in her search for things to be in awe of/grateful for. Remember there's a human here and all the complexities that accompany that humanity on days when you are compelled to make comparisons about the fabricated image of someone else's life. I think social media makes us feel like everyone's living this incredible existence (and it's true! You made it here; the odds of a 'You' were so slim and still you have breath to read this) and we feel the need to compare it to (what we think is) our own, significantly less incredible one. But it's not all there. It's not all that real. And you too have so much to celebrate if you would look closely enough.

So honored to have spent the day yesterday celebrating my sister Aja's new book. Your love is of the fiercest I've known, and I am grateful for any chance I get to sing my praise for you. Thank you for your laughter, for your vulnerability, for your openness and your joy. You inspire me every day with your living. May your works continue to transform and open the hearts of those who witness it, just as you have transformed and opened my own. I love you. #mymotherwasafreedomfighter

I love getting these pictures of my zine out in the ether. So strange to go from this thing that was taped page by page on my bedroom wall for months to being sent to me in the hands of someone else in London. I keep saying I am grateful and it is still true, and will never stop being true. Thank you for trusting me. For taking interest in my story. For buying a copy for a friend. For reading at work ( I got an order because someone's co-worker saw it and thought it'd make a great birthday gift). It means so much to me. This scary, vulnerable thing being welcomed with such soft hands into your homes. #loveletterzine

There is no shame in taking care of those you love, but remember to check in with yourself too. To pause. What do I love? What would I like to help grow? What is not in order? Give more care to those things. Here is a small step of many.

I've come to look forward to Wednesdays with @bronxmuseum in @shanipeters and my classroom. Especially when our brilliant visitors like Dalaeja @pennilessvagabond come and teach our students about self determination and challenging systemic perception when it denies your truth/inner personhood (while also explaining why the system benefits from these harmful and largely untrue narratives it projects onto people of color). We ended the class with affirmations and I am filled to the brim with all the good our youth can create for themselves if only we took the time.

Grateful to this home away from home for my brief but lovely stay.

I posted this in my stories yesterday but want it to exist forever/til the internet is over/til Instagram isn't a thing anymore (whichever happens first). Thank you to bestie/roomie @thesoniag for sharing your Oakland home and friends with me and for making sure I ate the most delicious food, had proper photo documentation of my stay 😂and saw all the beauty while I was in town. Love you so.

My second batch is almost gone! Everyone who has ordered from me (except for the one I got today): your #zine has been shipped! Everyone else, you can still get one at the link in my bio🌸💜🌺 love you all. 🌿

#LOVELETTERZINE is a 36 page, full color handwritten multi-medium collection of #poems.
A myriad of questions.
An intimate reflection on love, family and womanhood.

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