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Meeting someone with the same music taste as yours is seriously the best thing ever ..! ☺️. #onloop🎧 #longdrives #ohsaathi #atifaslamandhisdopevoice #baaghi2 #ohsaathi

Evening skies 🌫. * *
#clouds - just like people .. fleeting...ever changing.. yet pertinent to life !! #eveningsky #autumnevenings #greyskiesahead #silence #floatingaway #serenity #mobilephotography

Happily celebrating the national “ harass your teen because he won’t pose for photos “ day ..! 😬😈

#Nani♥️😍 and #raghudixit♥️😍 ....& #hiphoptamizha ...!!! of course the song has to be on loop !! #urimemanase #KAY #repost @coffietoast #krishnarjunayuddham #actornani #raghudixitrocks #somesongsareonrepeat #RDX 🎶 🎼🎤@raghudixit11 what a voice ...!!! 👌🏼😍

Totes Amazed 😍👌🏼..!! #visualriddle #L(a .. poem by #E.E Cummings . What an absolutely wonderful creation of mystery and meaning with just a few words ..!!!! #autumntime #eecummingspoetry #sheergenius #poetrythatspeaksvolumes #lessismore #poemsforlife❤ #lonemapleleafthatflutters #autumnandlettinggo

Good night stories for Mayabel 😊.. my little #rebelgirl at home .. not fairy tales about some prince saving the princess ..!! A must have book for girls .
#goodnightstoriesforrebelgirls #bedtimereading #goodreads #bookstagrammer #booksthatmatter #booksthatinspire #booksbringjoy #childwhoreadswillbeaadultwhothinks

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Hey Augustus,

I hope you’re taking care of yourself, and I’m happy to know that you’ve decided to go to that boring Support Group. I feel this is going to be your year where you’ll meet someone who is going to make you believe in destiny. And when you meet her, you’ve to give her something to think about. I don’t know how you’ll to do that, but I hope it’s metaphorical.

This has been a crazy year for me. I got left at the altar, got knocked out by a crazy bartender. I lost my job and got beaten up by a goat, a girl goat at that.

I miss the person I was when I felt love, like really felt it, you know? So young and courageous and stupid. All the things at the same moment.

All that time I spent being in love, all of it just elapsed too quickly, and all I could grasp is a faded memory. Without love, each day is a long journey towards night, and night is another mile of walking towards sleep.

When I found the courage to fall in love again, to give it another chance, I realized I’ve become too sensitive. I cannot have another heartbreak. I have no heart to give.

It’s just every day, I think I believe a little less and a little less and a little less, and that sucks.

The guy looking for The One,
Ted Mosby

Dear Ted,

I want you to know that life can look doomed, and that’s okay. And love is a shout in the void, but someone, someday, will listen to your cry.

Left at the altar? Isn’t it better to be left at the beginning of a journey rather somewhere down the road?
You cannot kill my lost in love friend, Crazy Bartender!
Lost your job? Find another! There is nothing Ted Mosby can’t do.
But being beaten up by a goat? Damn! At least, you can tell everyone that it was a girl goat, and you were just being a gentleman.

So cheer up!

Also, I met Hazel Grace today at the Support Group. I gave cigarette as a metaphor. I put one in my mouth and said, “You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don’t give it the power to do its killing.” It just happened. I had taken these from Isaac.

Funny how Destiny works.

The guy who found his The One,
Augustus Waters

#CrossingPages by Omair for T

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