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Virupa Kantamneni  *squish*

Throwback to 5 months ago...The drama baby has now become a full fledged drama queen, still has her dad's undivided affection however and still pretends to be the quietest rabbit in front of strangers. But the only thing that comes to our mind when we see these are - oh how we miss that hair! #mommyshotsbyamrita #throwback

Today much to my dismay, Ayana told me (in her own way of removing and flinging them away in 10 seconds of me putting them on) that she hates shoes. πŸ˜•

"Holy moly they brought me along on holiday with them" #EvvyChronicles #vacationmode #beachbums

To the guy who's our everything...Happy Birthday hero daddy @allari_naresh 😘

This little rabbit's name means "Life" in Hebrew. Happy 9th month Evvy, our life. 😘#AyanaEvika

It's his favouritest thing to be in the whole world. Her daddy. But sometimes I wonder if he's the apple of her eye or she's the apple of his eye. Either way, there's no room for anyone else in their moments. Including me. Happy Fathers Day @allari_naresh 😘

This deserves an Instagram post. Almost exactly 27years ago I met this drama queen @meghsban on my first day at primary school. We were inseparable for the longest time, but now we can go for months without talking to each other because we can catch up just where we left off. Life happens, but the ones that stick come by once every 27 odd years. Also please ignore the kebab mein haddi in this pic.

A mother who is my rock and a daughter who is my rockstar life ❀️...Happy Mother's Day to me indeed!

None of these movies existed to me 2 years ago but I later realised why they became such landmark movies. They are among my favourites. 6 of the 53. 53 in 15 years. His patience, his resilience, his hard work are entirely passion driven. He may be an "industry kid" but his work isn't nepotistic. Happy 15th year in TFI @allari_naresh. You make me so proud. Looking forward to the next 50 - even though it means sacrificing all birthday, anniversaries and festivals. (He wouldn't give it attention yesterday so I decided to today, because annoying him is my favourite hobby 😘)

Evvy woke up from her nap today to these amazing gifts from the coolest @mommyshotsbyamrita ! Evvy can't wait to test your patience during the next round! 😘😘Love the personalised towel and pillows @littlewestst.

2 years of growing up. #engagment

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