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Virtus  Welcome to Virtus Clothing Company where fashion meets performance. #virtusco

Virtus Warmth. Our very first sweater pullover with modified interior to stay comfortably on skin bearing our classic Virtus logo namesake across the chest and Equals symbol on the back. Let everyone know what we stand for and that is and will always be Excellence.

This is America. Two classic favorite pieces Reborn. Our Virtus Freedom Tank & Virtus Classic Joggers will always be timeless and ready for any situation during any time of the year.

Comfort is the new cool. Stay comfortable in our new womens 3/4 quarter sleeved baseball tees, soft cotton with a sleek classic look. Available in 2 new colors in-store now! Because staying comfortable never looked so cool before.

Clean + Comfort is all you can ask as far as style is concerned. We make simple designs so they can be as clean as possible. Comfort is a tandem that we believe supports degisn well. Here at Virtus we want you to be comfortable in what you wear from our brand. If one is comfortable in what they are in, than they have one less thing to worry about when taking on the day. These 2 elements is what is brought to the table when designing our threads. They have been and always will be. Various new designs of Mens tees , shorts , and pants set to hit you in the next few weeks....all with the same formula we been having, clean + comfortable. Check out our new styles and classic designs in-store today!

They say scratch marks can be a sure indication of a source through negative energy. The imprint leaving a wound open exposing blood is something that could be scary. What we see is actually positive energy. The times you fail and scars or marks are the result of it; we wear them like badges to remind us. The pain is worn like a trophy to remind us how much we suffered to get to where we are going, how much it takes to achieve what we need to achieve. That the road to the top isn't an easy one and there'll be obstacles whether in the physical or mental. So when you do get scars or scratches in your journey, wear them proudly as they indicate sheer perseverance and tell a whole story, yours. You too can represent us and show your scars in our new Virtus Mens Claw Tee in store and soon online!

Summer is upon us and theres many reasons for you to let your guard down as far as training goes, summer BBQs, pool parties, and vacay vibes. Just keep in mind how hard it was to gain that summer body and you will remember to maintain that work ethic that got you there. Introducing our womens Crop Top , breathable upper with adjustable hood bearing our signature Equals sign across the chest and matching pants with 2 upper side pockets , built for comfort in summer whether you're hitting the pool party or about to kill your workout at the gym.

To determine how much you want something you may have to ask yourself a few things first. Are you willing to sacrifice time? If so, then you have to ask yourself what lengths will you go about to getting it? If its at all costs than the final thing you'll have to determine is finishing. Do you have the will to actually finish what you set out doing? See, many have the push to start something but many do not have the motivational seperation to finish a task they set forth. Greatness is going thru with a goal no matter how tough the road is in doing so. Much is in line with our new Mens Long Sleeved Classic Box Logo Tee. Made for those special kind of grinders with our signature Equals sign enlarged in an overgloss overlay in the front. Be Great and don't ever settle for less!
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Eyes can tell a lot about a person. They are the window to someone's soul and the way they look at you could reveal their true feelings just by the way their pupils roll or stare. Eyes never lie and depict many raw emotions. Lay your eyes on two of our brand new womens 3/4 Quarter sleeved boxed tees in white-black & white-neutral grey with our oversized signature logo, a sight your eyes could definetely settle on.

Catch that new Virtus style today! Have your eyes peep our new White-Black or White-Grey womens 3/4 quarter sleeveed Womens Box tee. The upper is stylish in trim, thin cut but doesn't sacrifice comfort , fully breathable w/ soft cotton and our signature oversized Virtus stamp logo. Our leggings complete with trademarked circle patch Virtus stamp in the front in blueish grey and a burgundy version with Virtus script in front. Your eyes and smile aren't lying to you, this fire set is available now.

You can tell a lot from a smile ---- the joy of someone and the joy they express in the moment captured in time. Smile more , worry less and enjoy each moment as it exemplifies to the world you're happy. Smile also with our new 3/4 Quarter sleeved womens boxed tee.

Confidence is always key in making your own success. Knowing what you want and doing anything thats under your control to make sure it happens. Be confident everyday in chasing excellence.

Desire is a firery passion to accomplish even what seems to be an unsurmountable task. The resilient ones still find a way to attain what is needed. No matter the obstacle, that are placed against their paths, the strength to carry on belong to those who have such desire within. Our new womens crop top and bottom set is produced with that same desire...for you to set forth in accomplishing what needs to get done. Purchase it now instore in two different colors and coming soon online!

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