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Virdian Performance  Providing some of the world's best custom ECU tuning and performance accessories. Euro specialists. ๐Ÿ“MEL ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ ๐Ÿ”Œ ET Boxes:

Another W205 C63 ET Tuning Box installed. Yes, it's in there! Apart from the obvious performance gains, a major benefit is they are almost impossible to see once installed and there is no trace if removed. Using OEM style connectors and wiring means the fit and finish is second to none!
Contact us to see what we can offer for your vehicle. #c63 #c63s #c63AMG #w205 #w205amg #m177 #v8

Just returned from your Easter driving holiday and feel your vehicle could do with some extra performance?๐Ÿค”
Maybe your SUV couldn't tow as desired or lost speed going up hills?๐Ÿ˜–Or your 4x4 didn't get up that track while all your mate's cars did?๐Ÿ˜ญ Perhaps your modern performance car doesn't have quite the same thrill as when you purchased it?๐Ÿ˜ž
If these sound familiar then we can help you out!๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Contact us for options for your vehicle. #viridianperformance #ferrari #ferrari488 #nissangtr #r35 #touareg

Our ET Box has transformed this Holden Colorado 3.0 diesel!
The owner was instantly impressed, saying it drives much better now with so much extra power and usable torque. They also mentioned they are now getting about 10% better fuel economy.
The 4JJ1 engine is also found in the Isuzu D-max and MU-X
Contact us to order yours or to see what we can do for your vehicle.
#viridianperformance #holden #colorado #holdencolorado #4jj1

Holden Cruze with one of our Power Pedals fitted. The owner was highly impressed with the result compared to price ($265) and ease of installation. They commented that it felt completely different and mentioned that it has woken up the dull feeling engine and is now fun to drive!
Available for all makes and models. Contact us to order yours today.
#viridianperformance #powerpedal #holdencruze

We were contacted by a local independent VW repairer to see if we could help out with a VW Amarok. The car seemed to go better than standard but would blow a heap of black smoke when the power came in. Many electrical service functions were unavailable via the OBD port which all pointed to a poor quality custom ECU tune. We downloaded the ECU file and were astonished that the car was actually still operating! We managed to rectify the service issues and also did a proper custom tune while we were at it. After our new file was uploaded and a static DPF regen performed (DPF was very blocked) The vehicle is now completely different to drive! It has even more power then before, is so much smoother and has none of the black exhaust soot clouds. Plus all of the factory service items have now been restored, which all makes for a very happy customer!
Contact us if you have a previous ECU tune that needs rectification or you just want more from your vehicle! #vw #amarok

Another order, just in time for the weekend - our popular ET Box on its way to a customer! #ToyotaLandcruiser Our Enhancement Tuning Box is a multi channel unit designed to improve the performance of your car, by managing and adjusting your engineโ€™s performance.
It has OEM plugs and detailed instructions so you spend less time installing and more time enjoying.
See link in bio to order yours or for more information. Can't find your model? Drop us a DM or an email.

Starting off the week right with some kind words from another happy customer! "To have an electronic tune done so easily, with careful attention to your needs and at a reasonable price was fantastic.
I would recommend Viridian Performance to anyone who wants more power, torque and response.
What a great experience!"
Check out more testimonials on our website.

Looking to give your car an edge?
Our Enhancement Tuning Boxes are available now!
Our ET Boxes are unique because we use digital multi channel technology monitored with multi plug inputs, giving you the best and safest performance results.
They're available for most makes and models - if you can't find yours just let us know!
See link in bio for more information and to order your ET Box today.

Lots of exciting things happening this year! Along with the usual custom ECU tuning and parts supply, we also have the highest quality multi channel tuning box's available on the market for almost all vehicles. We also have a new batch arriving from Europe very soon so contact us if you would like to pre order yours or if you want more details.
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Another ecstatic W205 C63 AMG owner thanks to our popular multichannel plug in tuning box. There is absolutely no better performance bang for your buck than these, and it's easy to see why! The car is transformed from standard figures of 375kw/700nm to tuned figures of 445kw/820nm!
The M177 4.0 V8tt engine is quite detuned from the factory, leaving a lot of headroom to morph an already fast car into an amazingly quick one.
Contact us now for pricing and options for your AMG or any other make and model.

It's almost AMG O'clock! What are you driving this weekend?
#c63 #w205 #w205c63 #v8tt #mercedesamg #mercedes #amg #amgc63 #amgc63s #m177 #c63scoupe

This picture shows the exact reason why you should use tried and tested quality brand products. This W639 Mercedes Vito had a cheap and dangerous set of lowered springs installed. As you can see, the spring isn't even close to being captive when the wheel is off the ground so just imagine what could happen when going over an all too common large bump!!
Contact us to supply your van or car with the best quality lowering springs so you can get the look you want while also being safe!
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