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Viktoria Ridzel  Why, I have nothing to write.

So, who would you think has the worst nightmares: Percy, or Annabeth? 😁
Ps: thank you guys for watching me livestream this, it was super super fun!😘☺
#pjo #percabeth #percyjackson #annabethchase

These are my favourite trees that I love the most and that get me in absolute awe everytime;;
Please tell me, in English, are they called platanus, plane or sycamore? Or all of it?
Here it's called "platan" :")

Gloomy seas😭

The glimpses👀💫
It was my first concert of the foreign band, and it was worth it!

It was so!!! It's their first time in Ukraine, and probably one of the most outstanding events of this year. There were looooads of people and this is exactly the time when being barely 5'2 isn't....ideal, because all you see is people, their hands and their phones (so many phones, gosh, take a moment to enjoy the concert!) Rarely any screens, a few times the actual scene and only because Sasha picked me up!
But with all that, so amazing and warm and they made a lot of people happy today😭❤
I was on legs for the whole day and now I can finally rest my bones😁
#imaginedragons #ukraine

Smoll Vika vs Huge Kyiv

A commission I did for @ginlii (on tumblr) awoke a whole flood of nostalgia in my heart;; I could easily say that you could waterbend my tears any moment now😭🔥 #atla #zutara #zuko #katara

A commissioned work featuring these lovely characters of @allywritesandstuff:") I loved drawing them;;

I love this park so much!🌿🌿

We stumbled upon such a bizzare place today👁

Superb light🙌

Apparently no thread is gonna be happening in the stories bc my instagram is absolute lagging piece of..well, you get it. Doesn't post stories 80% of the time:/ But here! Lots of sketches🤗🤗🤗