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Viktoria Ridzel 

Look at who I got commissioned to draw! These are Damien and William, two romance options in the game called Magical Diary: Wolf Hall! Demo is already available to play🌟🌟🌟

Very quick Piper gets a haircut type of a thing⭐️ #becauseiwillprobablycutmyhairagainsoon #pipermclean #pjo #iloveherintheburningmazeuhhh


A very quick Romione I did partly on the train while getting sick, so bear with me😅
I really forgot how drawing feels like after this break🙈
Merry Christmas to everyone, who like me, celebrates it today!🥳 #ronweasley #hermionegranger #romione #hp

Another 15 or so hours and I am home😭 Have to hang out in Kyiv for quiiiite a while now tho

Magical room of universe👌💫

Now more aesthetic! This room was super pretty, I’ll post a video too😭🌌

Very serious Vika from a bunch of angles👁

We have been to a very interesting place today!
PS just so u know Sasha’s and I size difference😂

Cries I have never seen fireworks up close and personal and it was an amazing experience, I wish my phone would be able to catch all the colours😭
Happy New Year everyone!❤✨

As Sasha said, once we started drinking the healing Riga Balzams, the temperature went away (quite literally, as I am now at 36,4:"))

Riga is so charmingly medieval, I love it! It reminds me of Ukrainian Lviv as well as Rome, but with it's own special something to it😭
Also it's very quiet. Like, very quiet. 🔉
You can go through some streets in old town and not see a single person, which considering my current sickness is a very soothing experience:")

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