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Viktoria Ridzel  Why, I have nothing to write.

Superb light🙌

Apparently no thread is gonna be happening in the stories bc my instagram is absolute lagging piece of..well, you get it. Doesn't post stories 80% of the time:/ But here! Lots of sketches🤗🤗🤗

Blurry photos with long distance friend @mchajkovskaya 😭😭😭

Happy Haikyuu!! Day everyone🧡🖤
#haikyuu!! #oikawatooru #iwaizumihajime #iwaoi

Here we see a very happy Vika and one of Odessa's cat sculptures👀💛

Fun idea commissioned by @kirideku (on twitter), @eijro (tumblr)! 😁
You can see the video process on my youtube channel @viria😚
If it works out, I'll post it in stories as well.
#bnha #bokunoheroacademia #todorokishouto

I am bored and in waiting mode, so I am taking selfies😁 You probably won't be able to see much, but my eyeliner is bluish green today...just thought you should know, but shhh🤫👽

I feel very summery☺


The sky of evening Kyiv was named love. But the roads were so stressful...even with gps we managed to take a few wrong turns🙈

The closer to Lviv the prettier it gets! So watercoloury❤❤❤

You can't see me but can you see my dreeeeesssss?💃

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