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Virgin Islands National Park

Don't we all wish we were as lucky as @lindasuchochleb?
She was joined by a wild dolphin at Maho Bay this weekend on her snorkel trip! 😱
Dolphins can be spotted throughout park waters, but this is a rare treat.
#dolphin #bestdayever #🐬

Greens and blues as far as the eye can see...
Searching for the best #views in the park? Caneel Hill Trail is definitely a contender.

Guess who stopped by the Visitor Center this morning?
Ranger Laurel had the opportunity to thank @kennychesney for all he has done for St. John.

Today marks one year since Hurricane Irma made landfall on St. John.
Thank you to all for your contributions, support, and well wishes during this year of recovery.

Check out these clips from our virtual hike down Reef Bay Trail to see how the island landscape has made a comeback! For the full version, be sure to swing by our Facebook page.

Have you visited St. John since the storms?
#HurricaneIrma #HurricaneMaria #lovecitystrong #reefbay /a. smith

"Hey, you know what's not 'baller'? Carving words into my bark."😢
#iftreescouldspeak #leafmybarkalone

St. John trees are still recovering from high stress and damage as a result of the hurricanes. Please remember to always #leavenotrace. Vandalizing natural resources is illegal in national parks.
To report violations, please call 866-995-8467.

Happening Now! The intense rains over the past 24 hours have resulted in a nice, full Reef Bay waterfall at the petroglyphs. Go for a hike and enjoy while it lasts!
#reefbaytrail #waterfall

The littlest falcon . . .
This male American #Kestrel is a year round resident in the Virgin Islands. Kestrels like to #perch on wires or poles so look up when you are walking through #cruzbay or try to find one hovering in the #wind throughout the park. #birdnerd #killykillykilly #wildlifewednesday #findyourpark /a.finney

Don’t forget to #explore the east end of your #park! #rockbeach #caribbean #findyourpark #seaweed #nannypoint #lookeast / a.finney

Hey Instagram followers! This was our last week of YCC.
We had tons of fun this week helping with the Francis Bay factory ruin cleanup and conducting scientific research on the Solanum conocarpum, an endemic endangered plant. We also participated in various beach cleanups.
We would like to extend our gratitude to the park service and all members who made our summer as exciting as possible.
Thank you!

Many hands make light work! The Francis Bay #Factory is the second Post #Hurricane Irma #preservation project completed in the #park and we needed LOTS of helping hands to make it happen! As with the Annaberg cook house, the Friends of Virgin Islands National Park gave tremendous support by funding masonry repair and a new metal roof. Our YCC crew cleared vegetation to expose the historic rock wall, cleaned the inside of the building and (gently) scrubbed the #historic masonry on the exterior. The future is bright for this little building! #ycc #thisplacematters /a.finney

Cleanup of #Storm damage vessels and all the debris began Tuesday, August 14th in Princess Bay Hurricane Hole. Yesterday nine #boats, parts and pieces were removed. Today another eight or nine have been removed. Much more work to do to #cleaning up the debris. Many #memories left behind! #irma #virginialands #vistrong

Happening Now!
The long-awaited removal of wrecked vessels from Hurricane Hole began this morning in Princess Bay.
The U.S. Navy will be removing hurricane damaged boats throughout the park for the next two weeks.
Thank you to all involved in this huge project! One more step towards #recovery.
Photo by Steve Black

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