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Virgil Hawk  Do More. Say Less. Creator | NYC Volume 1. 30 Days. 30 Memoirs. Day 19 : ???

Day 18 : Abby
My team,
Always will be,

Day 17 : Plank
Every to
Given is

Day 16 : Freeman
My mental cup
Went from half empty,
To half full.
Now it runneth over...
My views and perceptions
Were once
Conditional recollections.
Now they runneth over...
I can finally see.

Day 15 : Riddick
My complex
Been complexed
Since Day 1.

Day 14 : Badu
When college came,
My perspective changed.
I see God,
When I look in the mirror.
But when this Black face
Faced adversity,
Unlikely shades
Didn’t see the same.
It was all worthwhile...
Peace and blessings
Manifest with
Every lesson learned.

Day 13 : Walter White
Money chasing
Is a thing of the past.
Building an empire
Is my only focus.

Day 12 : Kabuterimon

Day 11 : Tyson
My entire life,
I was inspired
By the Greats...
Only a matter of time,
Before the Greats
Are inspired by me.

Day 10 : Monkey + Honeydew
Very experimental.
All nighters in the lab.
Finishing this project,
Before my 8am class.

Day 9 : Metabee
I stood the test of time,
And valued my value.
At 9 I realized,
There’s nothing I can’t do.

Day 8 : Oprah
Fat back TVs,
In the early 90s.
Eating lunch,
With my Nana beside me.

Day 7 : Tom
Heroes come in all sizes.
At 7 years old,
I was the smallest one.

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