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viquesimba  pics of my writing projects, crafting, witchcrafting, & living my life to the fullest! @maisytipples for dog pics or @punkpotions for herbalism!


@fotocrime were great last night! And always so good to see @ryanmichaelpatterson (And @neerajkane and @john_b_henry too!)

Sometimes you have to #sunyourbits

I’ve got crazy eyes cos the flash was sooo bright! But don’t care! Great night out dancing at some bar in Hollywood with @forestandcrag and his crew, celebrating marissa’s birthday! 💛

#wbw #thepromisering #abbeyroad (obviously) spring 1997. 😍💛

Last night #BillyBragg delivered an amazing night of stories, humour, politics and music despite having lost his voice! I’ve loved this man since I was 15 years old and he changed my life forever. His songs were my gateway into punk. His lyrics taught this feminist teen that music can rip your heart out with it’s profound and poetic lyrics, poignant and toe curling music, and a fierce and neverending commitment to changing the world into a better place. #iwilllovehimforever. (📹by @daveyboywarsop cos mine is still broken)

The new @sharpshock video is out now (link in their bio)! it's so amazing when you're really proud of both the music that your friends make and the things that they have to say in interviews - such as ....SHARP/SHOCK guitarist/vocalist Davey Warsop commented:
“I think mainstream culture still completely promotes heterosexuality and gender binarism as the norm, even in 2017 – and that goes for bands and music videos as well, even within punk and the so-called counter-culture. and that’s fucked. and not real life. so we just felt it very important to NOT portray the typical ‘boy-meets-girl’ love story!” portland and seattle friends - don't miss seeing them later this week! #sharpshock #punk #fuckheteronormativity #fuckgendernorms #fuckgenderroles #fuckstereotypes

He wasn’t that impressed with me, but I was with him! Such a good boy! Finally got to meet @stevenandrewmiller and @shesasuckachump’s sweet bubba!!!

I had several firsts last night and loved every moment of it! First time at a stadium show and first time seeing Coldplay! It was far more emotional and intense than I had imagined and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! I cried several times, but especially with Chris Martin talking about all the recent natural disasters and announcing that ALL the proceeds from the 88,000 people attending the show was going to be donated to Mexico City for rebuilding! And when James Corden came out and sang with him! I also learnt the meaning of first in, last out parking in a stadium such as this! Davey was infinitely patient when we didn’t move out of our spot for ninety minutes, which I greatly appreciated! 💛 Seriously though, such a great night! Can’t choose between the videos @daveyboywarsop took (my camera is still broken) so I’m posting them all. #sorrynotsorry #coldplay #nolongerastadiumvirgin #neverfeltwhiter

I’m teaching my first ever herbal workshop on October 15th! Details are on fb or dm me! And registration is in @grabbagstudio’s bio details! If you want to come please sign up officially so I can bring the right amount of supplies! Everyone leaves with herbal syrups!

#fbf - another one from ‘95! Mostly posting because (a) been thinking about claire this week and (b) cos I wish I still had these shoes! #orangepumas where did you go? #unsolvedmystery

#tbt to 1995. Looking terribly unimpressed at @staplesinger’s photo face. We’d just been swimming in @jherguth parents’ pool if I remember correctly. 22 years ago. HOW did that go by so quickly? It cannot be possible! #feelingnostalgic for the nineties after last night.

The #jawbreaker film tonight in LA was amazing!!! Seriously thoroughly enjoyed it! And so great to see @chrissypiper and @didierdan! And a ton of other people in line for my showing and the following one! Such a great night!!!

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