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viquesimba  pics of me living my life to the fullest! @simba_records_and_zine for my label/zine stuff @maisytipples for dog pics @punkpotions for herbalism!

Hanging with my main Mobley at my parents favourite restaurant this morning! 💛

Crappy iPhone pic doesn’t capture the magic of @thebarstoolpreachers tonight in Ventura. Yeah, I drove 90 miles at the very last minute to see this show and I didn’t regret it for a second! Got to witness their tour tattoos being done! Got to hang! And got to see them in a tiny club, which will soon be a thing of the past! It’s late as fuck and I’ve STILL got a huge smile on my face! #ilovemylife #notjustpir147 #alarmclocksarentpunk #noregrets #brighton #kneesup #numpties #numptiesandkneesup #albumnumberthree 💛

The garden was looking exceptionally pretty today even though it’s grey as fuck. #junegloom

One of the things I love most about my job is that I can be sitting at my desk working away and a band walk in that’s on one of our exclusive labels @thebarstoolpreachers on @piratespressrecords were such a band today. These guys and their tour manager walked in, we did handshakes and introductions and I gave them the tour. An hour later we are taking pictures and hugging goodbye. Following each other on Instagram and knowing next time these guys are in town I’ll be going to their shows. It’s wonderful when a band name becomes people. And those people make you remember why you spend your life manufacturing, selling and shipping records. 💛

Today we went alone to where bb’s ashes are scattered. Maisy went quiet and still and seemed to be staring right at where bb’s ashes were spread. She (for once) wanted no attention and left me to sit and cry and talk to my most beloved Ms Beatrice Tipples. BBs. Ms Tips. The original Lady Binkles. It was a beautiful morning. 💛💔

Goodbye Marion Creek. Thanks for being good to us and giving us another amazing idyllwild weekend! 💛

Gorgeous vistas on our four mile hike this afternoon. We have two passed out dogs now!

A girl and her pitbull friend exploring, squirrel chasing and drinking in the creek. 💛

This view never gets old. #ilovemylife

Saw three beautiful deer this morning. Maisy was mesmerized through the window but I went out alone and managed to get one of them on video. When they all bounded off finally through the woods their leaps were incredible! #idyllwild #deer #ilovemylife

@accordingtohannah makes the fanciest of cheese boards i have ever had! #fancybitches #girlsgoidyllwild

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