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Lawrence  Legend in the game of music. Worked with all the Record LabEls Advocate For Women In Business! Working To Keep Women AT The Top Of Their Game!!!

While making rounds in Harlem - Fresh White. With a touch of yellow on the feet!!!!! Why Not???

Gooood Morning !!! God Bless!!!!! I woke up now let’s work!!!!

Video Music Box. Road trip stop in Brooklyn. Coney Island. Much respect. We must do an anniversary in Harlem Ralph. 😁it’s a Must!! I have to put on those yellow things!!! PUMAs. Yep!!!

It’s cominggggg!!! If any of my chefs and cooks. And restaurant owners want to be involved. Reach me ASAP!!!!!!!!

Classic shot!!!! Original!!!! Check the videos. -unlimited!!!!

Salute Video Music Box. I will take you back and give you that history lesson you needed if you do not know this show!!!! Stand Up!!!!!!

Anniversary shirts. So Freshhhhhhhhhh!!!! Respect the Real!!!!

So much to come. Let’s Rock!!!!!

Get your Video Music Box Gear Up!!!!!!!!

Video Music Box!!!!!Celebrate the Anniversary!!!! There is only one Show that did it the right way for you!!!!!!!Salute!!!!!

Look for that Mama Sita’s Miracle Butter Cream!!!!! It’s a Great Buy!!! I approve this message!!!! Miss Sita Lewis. -Women in Business. -support small businesses!!!!!

RiP. ANTHONY Bourdain. Remember to shout someone you love out Check on people. Don’t think just because they are doing great and living well or making money. That they are happy. You just don’t know!!!Trust me. You really don’t know. Appreciate those who help you and who you love. and let them know Just saying

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