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new start✨  •Who dares to get his way, comes at his destination ~violetta❤️

i know im a little bit late sorry🙈 i love you soooooo much your my violetta and ill always be your leon like in the old times with our rp remember☺️ i miss them but dont worry im still always here for you whenever you need someone to talk to💖 enjoy your 15th birthday and dont let anyone destroy it
Ik hou van je ess😘💜

Happy birthday jwana!!🎉❤️
Yay its finally your bday and your getting 13☺️ i just want to tell you that i really really love you alot i cant describe my love for you you've always been there for me when i felt happy, sad, mad and scared and there was never a moment when i felt bored while talking to you cause your the reason why my boring leaves there isnt a day that we didnt talked we always do cause if we dont i just cant fall in sleep i know you now for 2 years those 2 years were amazing and i still always hope to meet you we live so far from eachother but i wont give up my hope and i will believe in this dream enjoy your birthday and dont let anyone destroy it otherwise ill come to jordan and reach that person😂
i love youuuuuu mi facu❤️

Happy birthday my queen🎉❤️👑
Enjoy your bday and dont let anyone destroy it😘💜

I havn't been active for a really long time sorry but i think im going to start again with posting more❤️

•Eid mubarak💖✨
•rugge has a weird head in this pic😂🙌
•but his eyes are still perfect😍🎀

•Sorry that i wasnt active for a long time but know i'll✨
~edit made by j.m.f😍💖

This was the first thing that came up in me when i saw this edit😂😂😂

Look what manaaaaaa maid for me😍😍 it's perfect ilysfm manaaaaaa💖😂

•new start•
I started over cause i had alot of ghost followers and my page was a kind of a mess i hope you'll like the new theme✨.
Deem and jwana helped me thank you girls i love you so much💖💖💖.

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