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Violet (Tara) Padilla  🍯 |17| Dance account: @momokoviolet

I cut my 🅱️angs. I look like I could play a good Violet Baudelaire which is all I’ve ever truly wanted, so that’s nice lol.

Sorry if my details are off. I mostly just learned this by watching covers of it lol. Anyways unpopular opinion, but I think this song bops 😔. { #blackpink #killthislove #dancecover #jennie #jisoo #lisa #rose }

Going to Disney again was super unexpected, and I’m glad I got the chance to do that. I was choked up at Harry Potter world for most of the time though because being there felt so nostalgic, and I was overwhelmingly happy. I didn’t take any great pics or anything lol. Just some basic ones, but I thought I’d share anyways.

Buzz down Thotiana

Today was a great filming day. I love my buddies so much. 🥺🥺

Keep scrolling to see a rare pic of me @ the end.

I’ve been trying to get rid of my self deprecating thoughts recently. We lovin’ ourselves in 2019.

I never take pictures or videos when I’m out with friends unless it’s of them doing something weird, or if I see some nice plants lmao. That’s why I never really post anything but dance videos anymore. I liked my outfit this day though 🥺🥺🥺 so I asked Craw to take a pic of me. I had such a great time with them this day.

I had so much fun learning and doing this dance. I hope I did it justice 🥺 { #clc #no #clcno #kpopdancecover #dancecover }

Hello, this is strictly an appreciation post for Lilly’s cat New Moon. Every time I come over I make sure he is well loved and that both his eating and drinking bowls are clean and that he has food whenever he meows for it. He’s also helped me cope with the loss of my cat so, thanks buddy. Love you. Would take a bullet for you. Idk why I’m posting this. I just love him.

Queen chungha SNAPPED with this song, and the dance is so fun skfkf. Sorry if I look kinda awkward I learned this last night at 5 AM 🥺 { #chungha #gottago #kpopdancecover #dancecover #chunghagottago #벌써12시 }

Want to work on popping and musicality a lot this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve 🥰 (Sorry for the bad qual the first ten seconds idk why insta does that now lol) { #alinabaraz #electric #1milliondancestudio #mayjlee #khalid #dancecover }

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