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Max Green  Orlando, Florida. 3rd grade spelling 🐝 champ. 🎸🎼🎶🎤


Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit I’m all about that Walmart shopping! Whatchu know bout dem chuck taylor slippers!

Just have Tina Turtle’s tank a deep cleaning and she’s so stoked right now! I still need to add another gallon but that’s for tomorrow. 🐢🐢🐢 💦💦💦👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been super busy but here’s an update on my turtle. I found out it’s a “SHE” and her name is “Tina Turtle” 🐢 (like Tina turner...get it) and I got my girl hooked up fat now. She’s stoked and doing very well and living in a turtle paradise! When I got her she had a chipped shell w/2 little pieces missing and now she’s doing much better.

My little guy has a full set up now, tank, rocks, filter, food, light and 2 different platforms to get on a chill out of the water.

My new friend 🐢

I found this stray today and it was in a place far from any sort of habit so I took it home. Help me name him/her, and obviously I’ve already considered every TMNT name. Help me name my 🐢 baby

It’s 59 this morning in Orlando. It finally starting to feel like Halloween now 🎃

Had an awesome day with my boy at Baldwin Park today! If you live in Orlando and have a dog, I really recommend taking your dog here, it’s super rad!!! #BlackLabsMatter #OceanTheDog


🎶Runnin down a dream🎶

For those of you losing your minds........I posted this mainly for the fact of how amazed I was to even read this. I’m not a trump supporter at all, but the reason I posted this was because its insane to me that we’re living in a world where things like this are happening. What the hell is going on? Hence the hashtags.
I was just about to post this article when I saw my friend @sagefrancissfr posted the same thing. #LarryFlint #Hustler #SpreadTheWord #ThisIsRealLifeFolks #WhatTheFuckinFuck

I caved and made a bitmoji. I feel like these over exaggerated pics describe the person I am inside better than anything, inside my mind I’m always thinking about life like a cartoon. Happy Friday!

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