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Roma Purgen  Surface Noises zine.Voice From Inside Tapes. 80's hardcore punk. Nihilism. Travelling. Punk and freak arts. Custom made bleach shirts Kiev, Ukraine

New designs I recently bleached!

#xmaldeutchland #twistednerve #colera

Look at these awesome custom made one of a kind Siouxsie shirts Moa worked on lately. Hit her up and get yours or order something you have in mind!!
Contact 👉 @moa_larsdotter and @moahawk_antifashion

#siouxsie #siouxsieandthebanshees #handmade #postpunk #diy

Throwback to this amazing sunny day in Stockholm's harbour almost two months ago when @moa_larsdotter captured me climbing up the rocks!

Ripcord shirts are available now!! Red and green ink on biege shirts, S-XL. The run of shirts is pretty limited so be quick now or cry later! Hit me up!
PS. thanks to @dikasov @milloe_sozdanie_ for making it possible

#ripcord #ukhc

Excited to bleach these bands on shirts, thanks for your orders!
#siekiera #tozibabe

One of my latest bleach works as an order! Shoutouts to @rise_of_crust @life__hiro @norico_the_chebrizer_jr

K-Town flights are booked, beyond excited! 🎉✊

Mörpheme - Noiseraid Hardcore (European demo tape) is out now!

Ferocious raw hardcore punk attack from Japan/USA, the tape was recorded in 2008 and originally released shortly after for Portland's show. Now it has been reissued for upcoming European tour in June. Cassette includes 6 sick as fuck covers - Skitslickers, Anti-Cimex, Eu's Arse, Riistetyt, Iconoclast, Odpadki Civilizacije. This tape is available from me but Mörpheme will have it for sale at the shows too.

#mörpheme #rawpunk

Some of my previous bleach works I'm pretty satisfied with! I'm constantly making new bleach designs and orders but it's been a while since I have done these patricular ones, would love to do more. Hit me up punks, keep me busy!

Urin - Demotape is out now!
It's always great putting out tapes of your friends bands, especially when they sound fucking dope! Members of Rock (Karolina), Piss (Per), Cuntroaches (David) and Vexx/G.L.O.S.S. (Corey), everyone being from different countries, got together in Berlin and started this band. Raw lo-fi hardcore punk that reminds me of fuzzy version of Skitslickers GBG 1982 7", but with totally own feel! Covers are printed on neon yellow paper btw.
#urinforatreat #berlinpunk #voicefrominsidetapes

Tough as nails Heresy design I bleached yesterday. Art from promo poster to this flawless flexi 7". Made to order!
#heresy #neverhealed #ukhc

Had really productive day off! Excited to bleach these designs for my friends and everyone who ordered them and still up to do more!
#mustaparaati #siouxsie #totalitär #disclose

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