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I think they got the size wrong. Or people are supposed to have smaller fingers or shorter nails. Sadly I can’t cut them to find out because my clear nail polish leaked really badly and there’s none left. When I remember to get more I’ll actually apply them. I removed one whole hand of polish before discovering the clear had leaked again. #nails

I got #rescueguineapigs because I was afraid of them. Yeah. That’s so me. But look at their little faces. They’re so cute. They’re such sweet pets. I wouldn’t recommend them for children, ever. But they’re great pets. Ours are spoilt with a cage bigger than our dining table for the three of them. That’s like 3x the size they recommend and some days we wish it was bigger! Watching them popcorn in happiness is the best. I’m so glad Des likes them so much too. #shaggysquigglessquirmia #guineapigs #myfurkids #petstagram

Personally I think one day some other race will show up on our planet and find all these pointlessly smiling happy photos of us and believe we loved every second of our lives. It makes me wanna puke. So I’ve always believed in taking all the photos of all the states. Earlier I was a pain scale 7. I took pain meds. Now I’m a 6. I’m not unhappy. I’m not happy. I simply am. I exist. That’s ok. #millie #chronicpain #gpoy #selfies #spoonie

Thank you @misssabrinafairchild for finding this perfect chart. Using this I can explain better than ever before. Perfect for me. #chronicpain #spoonie

Would you be interested in either of the designs as a brooch or necklace? They’d be $20 to buy. I’m just trying to guard interest so far. #madlikemillie #bats #halloween #necklace #brooch #noveltybrooch

@tattooedzombie is having a 20% off sale til midnight! Use code HUMPDAY

I love these but I don’t think I have the skills

My back yard looks amazing thanks to all the rain. It was so brown a week ago. #myyard #myview #yayforrain

I bought my very first ever #erstwilder necklace. @erstwilderofficial I am going to have to adjust the chain cos it is, as almost always, too long for me. It’s not as thick as I thought it would be either. But I like it. It goes with so many things!!! #millie #gpoy #selfies #necklace

This sounds weird. I’ve NEVER had granola/muesli with milk. This is with soy milk. I usually eat the granola on my smoothie bowl. I actually liked this. It was more filling than I expected. I could only eat a small portion of my fruit bowl. Proof it’s good to try new things. #food #healthy #vegetarian #breakfast

Except I don’t look for their flaws. I look for mine and think OhMyGosh they must think I’m sick a dick. #anxiety #mentalillness #depression #borderlinepersonalitydisorder picture from @therealanxietyblob

Poor lappy. Please work again soon. #theycallmelaptopkiller

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