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I love these 💖🖤 #shoejunky

I bought Japanese whitening powder that's made in china. It's lovely. It even smells nice. Like clay. It's not quite the powder I was expecting, but I'm going to see how it goes on my face. Choosing a colour is always difficult for me. I'm fairly light skinned, but have an olive complexion. According to mac I'm "light plus". That's the second lightest shade. Makes finding stuff in person hard, let alone online. #makeup

Mummy's little psycho. #my_dog_kingsley decided to relive his younger years and play bitey foot. He really bloody hurts when he chomps. It's nice to see him back to himself, even if it hurts. He stole my sock and shook it to death. His confidence has sky rocketed since his surgery. Something I wasn't expecting. He's happily playing and being super aggressive with my hands and feet. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #petstagram #myfurkids #maltese #purebred

You know it's true love when he gives you presents that make your life easier and it means so much. #truelove

I put clothes on and stuff. Going to the supermarket #millie #gpoy #selfies

Kyanne changed my hair. She gave me my confidence in myself back. She made me smile. We cried too. We talked and connected. Yesterday meant so much to me. Thank you @kyalicious 🔮

Stolen from @kyalicious my wonderful hair witch 🔮

So many levels of colour.

Good morning!!! I totally forgot I had pretty hair until the real estate lady mentioned it. It's so wonderful! It makes me less blah! I am blah cos someone has a fire here again and I'm all stuffy and gross. I normally get dressed for the inspection but today I didn't want to. So I didn't! It's rad, cos she didn't care at all. Hoping to take some adorable photos of my hair on the weekend. #selfies #gpoy #millie #spoonie #chronicpain #hairvain

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