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Mirren Hatfield  🌙🌙 ΓΦΒ

Taking our love affair back to the beginning. #closingtime #tomwaits #lullaby

Schiffer broke a bottle on Morgan's head
And I've been stepping on the devil's tail

@Regrann from @ruby_2sday -
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Down By Law
#downbylaw #jimjarmusch

“Your life's a dimestore novel; this town is full of guys like you and you're looking for someone to take the place of her. “ “And you're bitter cause he left you; that's why you're drinkin’ in this bar.”

Playing around with the digital camera @johnny_absinthe gave me for Christmas and Lemon did not seem amused by his shenanigans.

Sunday selfie with this hipster

Jake is stoked @kittcrusaders

Ive loved her music, art, and kindness for a while, we've been IG friends for a while, and she's worked with all of my favorite off beat, talented, and crazy musicians. Through this all she's always kept a smile and brought a smile to my face. She's kept almost a child-like personality. Cant say I know her as well as most in my circle of friends, but I know how she made me feel, and I think that's what mattered to her, it seems. I really will miss all her brutally honest, whether happy, or painful updates. I'll miss her so many things.
Rest pain free. from @izzy_666 - Veronica the Therapy Doggy came and visited me today in the hospital, so sweet ! Xoxoxo 🙇🙇😇😇💞💞

Jake wore it too....

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