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Vinnie Batten  Pulp free orange juice ruins families

Peaceful plant-based boyo goes head to head in heated negotiations to sign a treaty with Brisbane's furriest obligate carnivore overlord - 1942 (Colourised)

Started learning 2 handed tapping last night. I absolutely adore this little segment.
ERRA - Luminesce

#erra #ibanez #rg7421

MFW responsible for getting 120K people into the Gabba over the weekend

THIS is the sort of advertising I want to receive when I go shopping for watches on eBay. From my short 21 years on this planet, if I can tell you all, my humble followers, absolutely anything of value, it is to love your father as a mountain, no matter how tough it may seem. This one's for you StuBat

Tag yourself - I'm xx~TofuSlut~xx

When someone reminds me that bee populations are declining at an alarming rate and I realise the downwards spiral of humankind will only be taken seriously when mangoes go over $50/kg due to supply and demand


Me too, buddy

This lovely young cat turned 2 years old today!
When we went to the pound to look into fostering a lil furry friend to help take a load off the system of abandoned animals, I never expected I'd fall for an obligate carnivore: the (far less than) humble cat. 😺
She was neglected from birth, having a litter of kittens at only 3 months old. Taylor was adopted at 6 months old, in July '15 . We fostered both her and her daughter for about a month before deciding to just adopt Taylor, with a $50 fee covering microchipping, desexing and a big bag of food. Thanks Greencross! 😺
Tay is now an integral part of my life, and loved by many. She's as lovely and friendly as she is quirky. I really like having a little friend where it feels like we just coexist with each other as opposed to some kind of master/owner type relationship with an animal. 😺
If you ever feel like you want a little friend too, please choose to adopt an older animal that has been dumped, and choose to not further contribute to the toxic industry of animal breeding purely for the sake of pets. 😺
So, happy birthday to you, you young little pink nose! 🐽

Volunteered to help paint at #houseconspiracy today! They are renovating the entire house in preparation for their amazing year ahead.
If you haven't checked out the project, look up their website and Facebook to see how they are planning to bring a fresh breath of life into the Brisbane art scene. Worth following and keeping up to date with!
On another note, also pictured are my hand blisters that I developed from using monkey bars during a calesthenics workout yesterday. Yet another reminder that any exercise not involving weights is inherently terrible and yet another reminder that Betadine™ really stings 👀

Pink nose, sharp claws

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