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Vinnie Hasson  Your Mom

I made Her first toy.

Once again, the crew at come through for Christmas. Every time I call they say, yes, when?, done. So rad! These boards are going to the Marine Toys for Tots program here in the Bay Area. Thanks to everyone at Deluxe. #dlxsf #realskateboards #thundertrucks #antiheroskateboards #krooked #venturetrucks #spitfire

Halloween at my house, Isla and Sister are Evil Genius Baby and Jasmine, and happy birthday Isla❣️

Beach day!

Sarah made these butterfly bracelets for Isla, and she’s stoked on em. SLAPPYSTUFF @slappystuff ps. There’s a lot going on in this bathroom and I can’t explain any of it

Almost 2 months already

Sarah learning about a UFC rear naked choke, her quote, “Bryn may secretly want to kill me, that hurt.”

Keep gear in the car for days like today, surfing is just what I needed. :)

Newborn glamour

I’ve been trying to catch a pic of Leo and Sparky together, but these guys are like criminals, dad shows up and they scatter

2 weeks paternity is up, skin to skin is the easy part, parenting hard at my house and it’s all good. Check me out on Alice Tuesday morning.

Football is back, ND vs Mich! Go ☘️

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