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Elaine Vines  Welcome to my profile page 💋 Spreading love 💖 light 🌞 happiness😆 Making a difference through the power of a positive mindset 💭 🎶 🎤 📷 🎨 ✒🔮🌳

Sooo....😆 This is my 12th week of positive change and gratitude! I have just gone and done what ive been putting off for years. I am just so chuffed i let my fear go and went for it. So fingers crossed.
If nothing else....i'll have shown my girls to go after what they want and can be anything they put your mind to.
This alone would have done as my positive change haha but i still have made others.
Positive changes ive made this week...
Applying for X Factor and posting it for all to see.
Getting a donor card.
Started to keep a diary of people i have helped , inspired or made a difference to......just to remind myself of all the positive and joy i have given to others. This means the world to me. I love to give.
I havent lost anything this week but i have started to tone up so this week i have started doing reps. I havent eaten any desserts either. I have 3 weeks to lose the weight before my audition.
Completed another ebook
Listened to 4 different audio on inspirational leaders and coaches.
Manifested another thing on my vision board ☺
Things im grateful for.....
A friend sending me the link for auditions
Completing another 2 letters to pen pals
For getting selected featured artist for 2 of my photos.
My daughters parent/teacher meeting went very well.
Grateful im getting an upgrade on my phone.
My friend is giving me a healing to release any negative blockages i have.
For having such supportive friends and family that are behind me 100%.
Hope you all have a fantastic week 😘

I recieved this email today from red cross and it made my day!
Hi Elaine,
My name is Susanna Cunningham and I am writing to you today from Niger, in West Africa with an update on the current situation there.You may not be aware (because it receives very little media coverage), but right now there is a staggering humanitarian crisis unfolding in Niger.
Today there are over 1.5 million people at immediate risk of dying from hunger and thirst, 92% of them are children.
In some regions infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world. Disease and malnutrition are widespread.
Thanks to you Elaine, The Irish Red Cross is building wells and water systems in some of the poorest and most high-risk communities of Niger.

Meet Nafissatou
Nafissatou lives with her husband and five children in a simple handmade mud hut. Every day Nafissatou would put her new baby in a sling on her back and walk for six hours across the desert to a broken old well to collect water. Then, exhausted and dehydrated, she carried her child and the precious water she had collected back home - in an old jerry can perched carefully on her head.
She made this trip every single day, just to try and keep her children alive. That is the deeply shocking reality of life in Niger. And that is why, as we speak, the Irish Red Cross is working with a host of local volunteers to build a system of wells, boreholes and water towers in order to provide a safe, secure source of clean water. You have helped to build these wells.
Your Impact
“Since the Irish Red Cross built our well, I can wash my children and their clothes. And there is some water for cooking. My baby has clean skin. I now can grow some vegetables to give my children better food.” – Nafissatou (through a local translator)
With water communities

So often, people suffer in silence and consume themselves in negative thoughts.
It might only be a smile, a gesture, a nice compliment or even an acknowledgement that your there if they need a listening ear......but those tiny rays of light that you beam onto another human being can make a world of difference to that persons dull day.

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This was the gateway into the derelict house.

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