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Happy birthday to the sweet and wonderful Odie. I am a better person for knowing you @banditsaurusrex! Thank you for always making space for me, never bailing on plans, giving me levelheaded advice & texting me about anything at anydamntime. 💜🖤 Here’s to many more years of getting kicked out of cemeteries together!

sometimes your temps are off, your butter breaks, your dough tears and sticks... and your croissants still turn out alright. you are far from perfect, lil croissantbbs, but i think you are beautiful ❤️🥐 #glutenlove #handlaminated

flowerinflower #flowerpower

if only gluten loved me as much as I love her

off the edge

gazing down from top a mountain of my dead selves

@banditsaurusrex took this picture of me saying something super profound and interesting a few weeks ago. she’s the best 🖤💜

the new @crypticus “the nightcomers” slays. stop talking to me about deafheaven and go listen to some death metal. we can talk about death metal. available at #denver #deathmetal

We just got kicked out of a cemetery @banditsaurusrex 😆💜 #coolerthanyou #wewannagetmarriedinapetsemetery

happy birthday to the best bestie a girl could ask for. Miss you so much @emdizzle91 #rideordie #greenandgold #greenandgoldlyfe

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