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Alright @deciemfountain lets see what you got! πŸ’ͺ

#Starbucks #UnicornFrappuccino πŸ€“ because everyone needs a bit of #unicorn in their life!
#ClubSpa #ClarksonCrossing

Nate itching his bum and being a silly goof @lenka_ec #horsesofinstagram #love

#Throwback to the simple days when #playdough was life!

When @breee.montureee plays photographer and poses you. "Guuuurrrrlll you are going to thank me. Yaaasss" #love #family

Friends come and go like the waves in the ocean. But #truefriends stay like an octopus on your face.😚😊 #love #family @aleeah.j @breee.montureee

When you own the #cutest dog ever!! #dogsofinstagram

Happy 60th birthday to my dad! Not a better way to spend the day than practicing our shot at the range 😎πŸ’ͺ#9mm #AR223 #50CAL #silverdalegunclub @andrewson23

"Despite the forecast, live like it's spring!" Lilly Pulitzer #attitudeofgratitude

#SundayFunday hike at the falls! #HamOnt #Waterfall

Five years ago I learned how horrible people could be. Five years ago I was injured at work. I was working at a dog kennel/boarding retreat in Burlington where I was attacked by a dog. It was a snow storm and it took me over 2 hrs before I got to the hospital because they didn't even call me an ambulance. Luckily the hospital had a plastic surgeon working that evening. He was able to stitch my face back together and recommend that I not reattach the corner of my lip that I had brought in a bag of ice with me. Five years ago I learned that they didn't even have insurance to cover employees. I learned that they cared more about MONEY then about the people who worked for them or the dogs they took care of. After numerous surgeries and injections I still have permanent nerve damage, a large scar and a corner of my lip missing. Five years ago I learned how horrible people could be. I will never forget the amount of stress, pain, anxiety and frustration I experienced over the past 5 years. And I will never forget how these past 5 years have changed me. After 5 years I am finally able to get some closure and move forward with my life. But I will never forget those past 5 years.

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