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  A lot of things (photo wrangler, data cruncher, iphone snapper, & espresso drinker), but in particular: unemployed & sometimes secretarial

Battle of dark clouds and bright sky this Saturday. #sky #sunset #clouds #stormclouds #cloudstagram #skystagram

It's taken a few tries over the years, but this time I actually have a #sourdoughstarter! What I did differently is that I used rye flour and stirred with a wooden chopstick. Not planned is the past 3-day 90degree+ heatwave which may have sped up the process. The #sourdoughculture self-discarded itself/overflowed out of the jar last night (which happen to be the 3rd day of super-hot temps)...IT'S ALIVE! #sourdoughrye #sourdough #fermentation #fermenting

3 punches to the system today: 2 job rejections and 1 mouse found dead on the kitchen floor. Never had to dispose of a dead mouse, ew. Never. I poured baking soda on it just in case before I sweep it up & throw it into the trash. (I really want my bf-partner to handle this, but he's working late tonight. I also can't stand knowing it laying dead & decaying for hours.) Seriously, my big-girl pants are so on, I have a wedgie from the front to back! #deadmouse #housemouse #mouse #aptliving #life #seriously #getitdone.
UPDATE: I had to contain the mouse. Sealed it in an empty 1lb wild arugula Satur Farms clamshell before throwing it in the trash.

🌸 Cherry blossom petals over on the far west side. #matsuri #cherryblossoms #springinthecity #springishere #springhassprung #sakura 🌸

#publicserviceannouncement on a green postal #relaybox - "Amplify Love Dissipate Hate" "Protect Your Magic" 💥

Somewhere in the far west side: mini gold orb ornaments hung on tree branches. On this very gray day, I like it. #ornaments

My trusty Timbs of 4.5 years sprung a leak from a tear at the base of the boot 😕 Glad winter's almost over. Goodbye my first and fave #timberlands.

Shoots growing from indoor dwarf jasmine plant. #leaves #springisnear🌱

Squirrel chomping on tree foliage buds on this 65 degree day in winter! #outmywindow

After winning the action journal, I notice another piece of @ghostly booty I have, headphones I won back in 2010. #winnings

The stack of images I batch printed in #photoshop. My macbook air survived, but not the trees.

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