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We all want the same things for our kids. We want them to grow up to love and be loved, to follow their dreams, to find success. This week though, all I want for my children is to be safe. After three death of students from Lamar High School, this week was dedicated to regaining control over our children’s safety. I refuse to accept as our new “normal” an environment in which children are forced to be surrounded by trauma. It is not ok to accept gun violence as a fact of life and do nothing about it. It is not ok that our schools do not have adequate mental health services for children in need. I am tired of waiting for schools to come up with appropriate measures to protect our kids. It is time for parents to demand more of our politicians and much more of ourselves. We must stop accepting gun violence as an unsolvable problem. It is time to remove guns from our homes. I am not saying we should not own guns. But we should not have them in the house where they are accessible to our children. And we should not let our children go to homes where guns are accessible to them. There is no reason why students should have access to guns or brag about using them. It is time we all changed our attitude to our right to arm ourselves and carry weapons. Let’s start loving our children more than we love our guns. Our kids deserve to be confident in their peace and we deserve to be confident in their safety. #gunsafety #guncontrol #safety

Kicking off the holiday season with a visit to the Hallmark Museum 💌 #artfulweekend #kansascity #kaleidoscope #hallmarkmoment #artoftheday

A few photos from the fantastic “Night at the Oscars” gala in support of the Lupus Foundation.

Coco is not too happy about our new family addition: “Mama, don’t you love me? What’s the deal with this new dog in the house? It follows me around everywhere. What am I supposed to do with it?”

Jamie had a full day of fun 🐾

Super proud of this Alliance #sisteract for winning medals at the Battle in Space City. 🤺

Took @nemeth18 to a gala and came home with a new friend for @cocoschnau - meet Jamie - a German Shepherd mix rescue. We named him in honor of @jkspar #canttakehimanywhere

Enjoying early morning mayhem at the Battle in Space City. Good luck fencers! Go Alliance! 🤺

In loyalty to our American patriotism and my Soviet past, we dressed up as our favorite characters on GLOW - Американское настоящее и Советское прошлое. #zoyathedestroya and #libertybelle 🇺🇸✨ #girlpower 💪🏻 #glownetflix #stepinyourpower #happyhalloween

Very proud of @nikaflipper for overcoming a new challenge by switching to French grip. Hard work and perseverance paid off in full this weekend with three medals in DIV1A, Jr. and Cadet events. 🥈⚜️🏅 #feelingproud

NOLA was good to us ⚜️🤺🏅

My favorite duo. Congratulations on your DIV1A and Junior medals! 🤺🤺

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