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Dimitri Køhler  22 | ♂ 1/16/17 💉 | Taken 💙 Artist Author Cosplayer | Commissions open 🎨 ⠀ ⠀ Business Inquiries: ⠀

When you start to doodle a demon girl, but then it just turns into @rinsenpaiselfies
@crazyloophole asked me to post this X'3

Come watch my bby @crazyloophole stream Pokémon Ultra Moon on Twitch!!

Hey, little life update! Its been about a year since I posted anything here, and I'd like to explain why. This past year I've been through a lot. I've had to work multiple jobs just to support myself and my fiancé, and in addition to working so much I didn't have any free time, my mental and physical health went into a steep decline. I had to put all of my time and effort into just surviving. Things are still a struggle, we're losing our current place to live because of a terrible mix-up, but once we settle into a new place things should hopefully be much better. I landed an amazing full-time job with a regular schedule where it should be much easier for me to manage my time and actually get to pick up my main passion again, which is cosplaying and attending cons. I still won't be able to attend Katsucon this year, which is really hard for me, but hopefully this will be the last time in a while that I have to miss out on something like that! If anyone is still here, and still reading this, I really appreciate you! I look forward to being active in the community again ❤

Not really a fan of how I look in this picture but

Da bee dee, da bee dah

I realized this was the only selfie I got as Mari at Katsucon ;o; hopefully I'll feel more confident once I lose some weight
#mariohara #lovelive #llsif #maricosplay #katsucon #cosplay #aqours

I caught the plague at #katsucon this year and I'm still sick ;-;
Anyway, here is another shot of my Sweet Devil Hanayo! I hope you enjoy (*˘︶˘*)

Super weeby kawaii edit. I really enjoyed being Sweet Devil Hanayo, one of my favorite sets. My rice goddess is just too cute, I hope I did her justice. I'm really self-conscious about my weight gain so showing my tummy was pretty nerve-wracking, but I actually felt more comfortable in this cosplay than any of the others I wore over the weekend!
#katsucon #katsucon2017 #hanayo #hanayokoizumi #lovelive #llsif #hanayocosplay

I don't feel well so I'm just gonna be sleepy Shizu-chan in a cow kigu today. Please say hi to me if you see me at #katsucon ! I'll be down soon I hope, just waiting for the bellhops to help us take our luggage down.

I actually felt cute today in my Sweet Devil Hanayo cosplay ;ω; my bae was so perfect as Nico, I was dying over how cute he is!

Secret cosplay reveal! If you see me at #katsucon please say hello! And if you take a picture of me, please be kind with your angles. I'm very insecure about my weight ;-;

Moo cow Mari!

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