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Justin Difazzio  Boy of 33. Gaymer. Writer. Tarot Reader. Uncle. Peek into my world? Fiancé @Skycruiser25.

Playing 3-player #Vast with the knight, thief, and dragon. Still frustrating. But much more fun than the last time we played. #tabletop #boardgames #analoggames

This game is striking on the table. It's super involved, but not hard. I'm really enjoying it, and I'm holding my own. Except I think I'm ABOUT to lose when John sells his fish. #Burano #tabletop #boardgames #analoggames

#Burano on game day. TOUGH to understand on a first play. But easy actions. #tabletop #boardgames #analoggames

Happy Hippo candy from Erin! She's so thoughtful!!

Catching new Pokémon in my friend Katie's living room. Tim got me hooked again.

Roller derby tonight! What an unexpected event!

@skycruiser25 and I played two games, and this was my better score of the two we played. I feel like 9 is respectable. #analoggames #boardgames #tabletop #RollingAmerica

#GreenOutNIU. I support marginalized people.

Target has a buy 2 get 1 free sale going on for board games, puzzles, and play sets. How could I resist?! #quixx #rollingamerica #gameof49

I'm gonna go with "no" on that one.

Happy Valentine's Day to this goofy queer who never ceases making me laugh. Who prances and coos. Who cooks and kisses. Who is always up for adventure and who doesn't mind staying in and playing games, either. Thank you for being my Valentine for almost 11 years. I agree it's a stupid holiday. I love you every day. @skycruiser25