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🍒  If you’re reading this, i hope you know you’re THAT bitch

Goodnight angels 👼

Black&white pictures of daya are a blessing

Shes so pretty with her hair like that

Yall have no idea how attractive a guy’s arms and back are to me

Goodmorning sluts

Wait for it

I want to be productive, do smth of my life i really want to but laying on bed doing nothing bring me soo much satisfaction i cant even

1 or 2?

Chocolate kween

Me going out for the first time after 10000years to get food for my cat

Istg sometime i really try my hardest to be nice but there’s always a fucking bitch that gotta push me too much and then bom i come back to my bitchy side

Once i get my shit together its over for yall bitches

"You smell good" is one of my fav compliment ever

I could only wish

Candice is just....wow speechless

Do u ever get so frustrated bout smth that u started crying and u dont even know why bc its nothing deep but then u just keep crying harder , cuz same

Some ppl really think I’ve been in school since i was 3 worked my ass off spent night without sleeping for exams and have many years ahead of me of school so just that i could end up in a house cleaning all day cooking and wanting for a man to come back ??? I THINK TF NOT , NOT ON MY DAMN WATCH

Northie out there dressing x10000 better than me when she was only 3

I really wish i knew how it feel to go shopping and buy everything u want without giving a fuck bout the price

Me still in my bed and still on my pyjama : relax girl im on the bus don’t worry I’ll be there in five

Do u ever have these moment when u r soo tired , way too tired u can’t even sleep all u can do is lay down and complain bout ur tiredness ? Cuz same

Living THE life @amandalinneas_

I’d die for long legs like that

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