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*study from 3min*
Me : i need a fucking pause i worked wayy too much *2 hours laters *
Me: i got the pause i deserved lets go back to studying...oh wait it’s time for bed whoops..

What a phase @kyliejenner

I still don’t understand how tf some girls can be warm and lool gorgeous as hell during winter 🤔 my nose is red my lips dry and i look like a fucking bus has run me over

1,2 or 3?

Still waiting for them to get back together

Sooo... how does it feel to have boobs?

When u r finally old enough to know all bout ur family drama and get involved

Okay so basically yesterday i had a fight with one of my friend bc i couldn’t stand her behavior and today me and others friends were supposed to hung out and surprise her bc her birthday is in a few days ofc i cancelled and idk how tf am i suppose to act on her birthday ?? Like act as if nothing happened for just one day and then go back to not talking to her or ignore her

bellas ruining others ppl vids is soo me as a friend

How can someone but THAT pretty

They’re so damn cute ...sigh i need some love too

When u introduced ur bestie to another friend and they literally forgot bout ur whole existence 🤷🏻‍♀️