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🍒  oulala oh oui oui

Yes thats a white man whore

How im trynna be

look at my beautiful parents LOOK AT THEM

The mind of jake paul is trash, jake paul is trash for everything he’s done and playing the victim and shane is also lowkey trash for literally defending him and giving his abusive and racist ass a platform to be an even worst piece of shit

mh yes please sir

If i get mad at someone and they’ll act like im overreacting I’ll deadass be mad ten time more like idc if its not important to u but that hurt my feelings? And u acting as if its nothing makes it so much worst

Do yall realize how heartbreaking its to save money then spend it on smth expensive only to be disappointed and realized u juste wasted money for literally nothing ???


Am i the only one excited bout Halloween but end up doing nothing on Halloween ??

Short hair>>>>>>long hair

How we feeling bout October so far sisters

The only bitch badder than rihanna is robyn fenty

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