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so what would u do if ur boyfriends best friend confessed that they like u? //roxy

Knowing that my babes are gonna be the champion for four years and half give me clear skin , God is good

My parents and I treated myself like a princess my whole life and you think I’ll accept less from a man? Lol

Sooo they’re dating

I hate when someone ask if u r drunk/on drugs just cuz u having fun like mh no some of us have a natural personality of a crackhead

i kinda wanna lick my cat //roxy

i actually really liked god is a woman idk why r many ppl pressed ab it//roxy

wow i have literally no talent //roxy

Who are yall rooting for today?

Im totally and completely in love with her @hannahkleit

whats your favorite place to travel -roxy

men who cook have my heart //roxy

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