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Viera Minayu Sasheeta  sweet disposition


let’s just forget your ex and have some fun with me

even u only call me when u’re high, i’d still feel honored

little throwback to quality me-time in Bandung

When i met Rayssa and accidentaly we did karaoke to Mayday Parade - Three Cheers For Five Years, and
When i talked to Adis then we could talk all day about Eiffel I'm In Love movie like literally recall all the script.

When we knew that we literally broke up with our ex at the first year of college

Since then I knew that they are meant to stuck with me. Sorry, but congratulations.

thank you Universitas Indonesia for letting me experienced Buku, Pesta and Cinta lyf #WisudaUI

I don't know how to begin this with. But last night was freakin memorable. I never felt this excited, pumped up and finally tears ran down my face as he started singing the last song, Don't Hate Me. This song accompanied me back then when i was feeling lonely and didn't even want to go out for a month. Thanks @we.the.fest, thanks @blobyblo @realtukutz @realmithrajin ❤️ have a good life and send my love to your beloved family! #wethefest2017 #epikhigh

Your distant stares and your words are spoilers. I see the end in every little thing you do. I try to ignore them, but I can feel these spoilers.

See u tonight, @blobyblo :) enjoy your hometown as much as you can. Wish could meet you in person tho.

When i saw this, one of my favorite scene from HIMYM season 9 flashed into my mind.
That one scene when Ted was telling the Mother " I'll be right back"
And the Mother replied " I'll be right here".

Selamat ulang tahun saya ucapkan kepada ukhti leo yang kayaknya lebih kecipratan sifat cancer @talithanabila 🙃 don't let any man define who you are, the man who loves you would never hurt you. Try to cherish every moment in life, learn from it and enjoy every seconds of it. People may see you laughing while inside your heart is breaking. Cry a river, make a bridge and get over it. I DON'T KNOW BOUT CHUUU BUT I'M FEELIN TWWWWWENTYCHUUUU 💃🏻

I had a very nice stay last week at @summerbirdhotel

Untungnya @sebelahmata_erk bisa menjustifikasi opini gue kalo jatuh cinta itu biasa saja :)

geli gak sih lo liat kotak-kotak bolong gitu hehe gue sih engga makanya gue post #captiongoals #relationshipgoals #persijagoals

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