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Vienna Teng  That's me in the middle of the Venn Diagram.

I'm not here out of anger. I don't despise my fellow Americans who voted for Trump. I don't believe women are a monolithic interest group with a single agenda you can assume we all agree with. I understand that massive marches have a pretty mixed track record of bringing about any real change.

I'm here to remind myself that a Trump presidency could be the best thing that ever happened to American democracy - if we rise to the occasion.
If we form "rapid action" groups among our friends & family to call Congress when critical votes come up.

If we check our sources before we forward, repost or retweet.
If we push ourselves to stay open to new information, rather than sticking to a narrative we're comfortable with.

If we geek out on how our government really works - sturdy structures, weird loopholes, high ideals, checkered history and all.

If we show up to town halls and city meetings and hold onto the mic until our question is answered.

If we run for office ourselves - and train to be good at the job.

If we confront how we've participated - often passively, unknowingly, just by accepting things as they are - in cruelty to others that we'd never accept if it happened to ourselves.

If we study up on our rights in police encounters - if only to realize how shielded we've been from having to exercise them.

If we find reserves of courage we never knew we had.

If we learn the art of disagreeing. If we keep our heads when provoked; realize when we're just waiting to talk vs. actually listening; know when to walk away and when to lean forward.

If we have fun with this and make new friends.

If we know this is going to be messy, and sign up anyway.

If we discover that we are, deep down, stubborn optimists and fierce patriots of this democratic experiment - the "more" in the "more perfect union."

Weah comin' fah yah, Bahstun

About to go onstage. Feeling grateful already.

First soundcheck of tour w/@thebollands!

Plain, cinnamon raisin, onion dill, and parmesan & black pepper. #castironquartet

Ancillary benefits to baking bread. #winterindetroit #mindthoseburnerknobs

Fred Wilson's "To Die Upon A Kiss" (2011)

The dignified one is Roland Hayes (portrait of a singer, by Reginald Gammon, 1983, acrylic on canvas). #lovedetroit

Best idea ever, or "hell no I'm not touching that table"?

Movie theater in a former international school. #lovedetroit

Movie theater in a former international school. #lovedetroit

Anniversary fundraiser for a Detroit institution: a monthly community dinner & microfunding pitch competition. Amazing stories of what people have done through SOUP.

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