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Got some stuff signed. Unfortunately they were out of Doyle vinyl, felt like a bum not having those.. I just like buying stuff directly from bands. Alex and Doyle are super cool and nice. Cool show, they’re great.

Night of the Comet

Scored today 🎩

Spotted these uglies at WalMart tonight. I thought they were bootlegs, but no, worse... Cyclopean. Kryst, Jerry, stop.😩

One of these would have been nice growing up. Usually see about 3 or 4 kids on this, 10-13, one on a bike. Lucky punks 🤙🏼

Thank you for all the amazing music, Mark @chameleonsmark

Hehe, I love this guy. 😂 The OG Misfits show was amazing and Doyle’s 2018 tour will be too 🤘🏼💀

🤤 respect the broth

Phil, Lemmy, now Eddie. The trio is gone. Damn 😒

A couple touristy spots I hadn’t been to before, other than that burger. TV show related spots. Pawn Stars and Ghost Adventures (sort of). Pretty rad museum. The serial killer murderbilia was the best, but the inside overall is quiet beautiful. 🔮👻👿💀⚰️🍔🎲

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