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I totally forgotten to make a review about my #MaryKay #Skinvigorate cleansing brush. I think this will be helpful for anyone who wanted to hear other people's opinions before buying.
I bought this on November, 2016 from @d_hanyza . You will receive 2 head brushes inside the box and 2 AA batteries, including the main operating device.
Due to my sensitive skin, I tried not to press it hard on my skin surface, leaving it on certain troubled area for few seconds more. Especially on my blackheads prone area (nose) and acne prone area (cheek and chin). I found it so useful to get rid of your excess make-up. You can use your make-up remover first, then use Skinvigorate later with your cleanser (so that your brush won't be too dirty). Sometimes when I get lazy, I just lather my face with my cleanser, and brush it all away (twice in one session if wearing makeup/ once in one session, in 3 times per week). You can see the differences of the head brushes from my picture above. The discolouration even after washing the head brush is so obvious. That many dirts left on your skin before using the brush. 😭😭
And oh, I'm using Mary Kay's Botanical Effects cleanser (alternately between F1 Dry and F2 Combination). The price of the cleansing brush is kind of affordable to be compared with other brands on the market (I had to save for few months before getting it. Housewife don't have salary ya know. πŸ˜‚). And I definitely saved my monthly facial session budget from not going to the beauty parlour anymore (though I still want to go just for pampering sake πŸ˜‚). Plus I get to have some advices and help from the Beauty Consultant if I needed some clarification. So yeah, it was all worthy. πŸ˜‰β€β€ P/s : I'm not an MK Beauty Consultant anyway. πŸ˜‚ But you can get free consultation from @d_hanyza . You can also mention my name if she asks where'd you get her details from. 😘😘

Got my laksa fix! ❀❀❀

Lump of fat. I love the sound of the bamboo chimes when the wind blows at the background. #Calicoti #neko #Catstagram

No ice-cream? No worries! 😁

120217 - Cousins and nieces. ❀❀❀

120217 - Fuad & Momoi's Wedding Reception this morning.

The smile squad; Bok Luyah, Aunty Rozy and Kak Siti. 😍

Wonderful ladies; Aunty Yati and my mother in law. ❀❀❀

Alhamdulillah... Dengan sekali lafaz. Congratulations Fuad and wife!

Taking a glance at the bride.

Fuad's wedding.

Groom getting ready.