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Ghost From Taiwan 🇹🇼  Vida 🍁 ▪️Lambda Physiques Athlete ▪️Rise&Shine Apparel 🎥My YouTube


Come here and visit my world. 🍌🍊
Even you and me is more than hundred miles.
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Are Taiwanese weights lighter? Why this set went super easy?! 😱😱😳
I love my gym. It's called Fitness Factory. If you ever visit Taiwan, come to my gym. ❤️🔥
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Shoppers. Metro. Eaton center. Whole Foods. Yorkdale mall. Humber bay. Goodlife. Food basic. Dollarama. High park. Finch. Jane. Masion Mercer. Brassaii. Wild flower. Uniun. Lee. Fring's. Black Friday. Roots. Urban outfitters. Woody's burger. Christmas market. Distillery district. Tim Hortons. Halloween. Black creek. Pacific mall. Street car. Defined eyebrows. More gains. One tiger hot yoga. Pape. Stalkers. Single. Good vibes. Freedom. Better version of self. Happiness. Enlightenment.

I just wanna ask will you remember me ?
Ima learn twerking 😘
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It's 3:09 in the morning. I just finished packing and lying on bed thinking of my dreamy trip while waiting for my flight.
Before coming to Canada, I worked at Hooters Taipei. I wasn't sure if I should quit my job sand take a trip with FY since working at hooters is really fun. Though I'm so glad I did come to Canada. I knew I needed some changes in life. And I am totally not who i used to be. I show my ass much more now. Jk.
I learned to do what I fear, how to smile and do what you need to do now or never.
I've met so many amazing people in Canada. I appreciate that y'all came into my life ❤️even those whom I never met but talked on here. You might say I lost FY but no I feel I'm closer to him now. He's still my best friend. 🙃
My heart is so warm because a lot of you ask me to stay longer and I really want to. I'll see you guys again real soon. Can't wait to come back and feel the heat 🔥
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Tomorrow comes and memories fade.
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No clothes. Don't care.

I used to hate my big thighs since in elementary school. I hated to squat down cuz they look much bigger with that position. But not anymore, I love my big thighs. They make me look like a Wonder Woman 😎 also make my waist looks smaller.
I am not as lean as I was last year but I still love myself and I still take selfies every single day. Don't hate yourself if you eat too much. Just get back to the gym tmr and go beast mode on everything you do. 😘
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I went for a walk few days ago to the place called black creek. During the walk, I fell to the ground accidentally and I smiled because I felt like a kid again or is it because I have cushions now that I didn't hurt and cry.
📸: @jamai_photography
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Look at us. What do you see? Say it with one word.
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Lately I've been asking myself if I'm crazy. A lot of time I have some cool ideas coming to my mind and I'd start yelling "Yes! Let's do it." But a lot of time my friends say "No way. that's too crazy." Seriously I wanna do those crazy stuffs but I can never find someone to do things with me like Frank Yang.
這陣子我常常問我自己我是不是瘋了⋯常常我想到什麼點子我的心就開始興奮大喊「Yes!Yes!Yes!」但也常常被聽者潑冷水覺得我太瘋狂⋯⋯其實我真的一點都不在意別人怎麼看怎麼說,我覺得我開心做就好了!但是找不到另一個Frank Yang跟我一起狂了😔
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I can still feel it ... everywhere. #badnews

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