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NSFW ACC πŸ”ž  Cosplayer || lvl 18 || Female♀ You're entitled to your own opinions, but that doesn't mean we have to agree on them. πŸ˜„ I'm all for civil discourse.πŸ’―

I didn't really post all my coping techniques in my last post, so I guess I'll do that here and do it more in-depth in hopes that other's may find this useful.

β€’ Fiction with horror, abuse (of any kind), depictions of homosexuality, nudity, sexual acts, suspense, furry, and/or depictions of mental illness/es.
β€’ self nudity (taking pictures and posting them online).
β€’ self cleaning or cleaning places/objects excessively.
β€’ Being choked consensually.
β€’ Biting others consensually.
β€’ Shopping.
β€’ videogames.
β€’ music (mainly rap or metal when coping).
β€’ Drawing.
β€’ Looking at other's art for long periods of time.
β€’ Cosplaying.
β€’ RolePlaying.
β€’ Going into an isolated area and having complete silence.
β€’ Make-up.
β€’ Crossdressing.
β€’ Sex.
β€’ Masterbation.
β€’ Listening to objective (history) stories about inhumane acts done to/on humans.
β€’ Crying.
β€’ binge eating/starvation
β€’ Gaining knowledge from history, math, Literary Arts, Physiology, and Biology.
β€’ Having really close friends that'll listen to my hardships when i need it (moderation).
β€’ Light BDSM during sex.
β€’ Kitten Play during and/or not during sex.
β€’ Rapping/singing.
β€’ Long bath/showers.
β€’ Burning myself with candle wax (it doesn't do much harm to the body, so it's a safe way to feel a burning sensation that isn't intense).
β€’ Being able to take a sadistic role with my partner consensually.
β€’ Having someone (with my permission) belittle me with names.
β€’ Live streaming.
β€’ Having someone cuddle/hug me when I want it.
β€’ Being picked up and carried everywhere when I want it.
β€’ Playing with a figget spinner, playdough, slinky, putty, etc. (I'll add to the list if I forgot anything)

Many people in the past have asked me why i take explicit pictures like this one here.
"You'll regret it when you're older"
"There are creeps probably jaking off to you"
"You look slutty"
"Your parents are gonna be ashamed when they see this"

Let me tell you this now, yeah? I'm a legal adult. I can make decisions for myself. I don't need your or anyone else's approval on what i decide to do. I'm well aware that I will face judgement and that is fine, but before you judge my book by cover let me tell you a little something.
Displaying myself to the world like this is one of the MANY techniques I have learned when it comes to coping.

I use fiction (such as anime, manga, manhwa, art, etc.), taking risque pictures and posting them online, music, videogames, cosplay, drawing, & excessive cleaning (of one's self or places such as a bedroom) to cope with my: child molestation, borderline rape, sexual assault, abuse (physical/mental), depression, anxiety, anemia, GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), and overall hardships that everyone goes through.

So SORRY if i happen to like reading abusive shit, SORRY that i post half nude pictures of myself, SORRY that I can't be validated in your Godlike eyes.


Actually, fuck you if you try and bring people down that have finally found a coping mechanism that works for them and it doesn't actually harm people (including themselves) or break the law.
(P.S. when i talk about harm, I mean ACTUALLY harming someone, not because you happened to find them on Tumblr and you disagreed with something they ship and you claim it somehow harms you when it actually doesn't)

SIDE NOTE: I don't want anyone's empathy/sympathy please! That's not what this post is about. It is so people can understand a bit better and also for an indirect "fuck off" to the people I mentioned that bring others down.

I'm always a bit risque. πŸ˜‡

Please like this post, i need validation. πŸ‘Œ

So I pretty much found yohr account through @luciathan_ . They told me how they have a new dad (you) and I was like, "WHO? I'M #1 DAD ALREADY" so I went to message you I believe and ended up following right after. πŸ‘Œ
I stayed for the memes and dank cosplays tbh. My favorite cosplay of your's is obviously Sangwoo! I'll be your Bum ANY DAY my home boy.
Also, one good thing that happened to me this year was becoming friends with Hopie (@nip.nuts). They're one of the most understanding person I have ever met, and I've met a few understanding people and she defending tops when it comes to acceptance. She's also a huge sweetheart and I love her sm. πŸ’•
ANYWAYS, please go follow my son in-law Gabe bby. πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™


-credit: @sophroniahaven-
Instagram is being a major cock rn.
Manhwa: Killing Stalking
#KillingStalking #Manhwa #Yaoi #Fujoshi

-credit: cosmic-artsu from Tumblr-
Good morning everyone! Hope y'all slept well and have a good day today.
Manhwa: Killing Stalking
#KillingStalking #Manhwa


This is taking a lot for me to show you guys...
The first picture is me with no make-up or any sorta of editing/filters.
The second picture is me with make-up on and filters/editing.

I just want y'all to know that even with all the confidence I have and love sharing with you all, I still hold insecurities towards my eye brows, lips, parts of my skin, etc. I'm always trying to get over these superficial feelings, but it seems to surface here and there when I am dealing with depression, anxiety, Bipolarism, self-esteem, and other things that make me feel inferior on the inside causing me to question my outer beauty in the process.

While it's a vicious cycle of acceptance within myself, I try my best to improve in positive ways and focus on moving forward in life.
I full heartedly believe in self acceptance, but everyone should always want to improve themselves (In healthy ways).
Don't let mental illness or any sort of disability try to stop you from improving!

I just hope everyone can accept themselves like I have when it comes to looks, since that's something you're born with, but try and improve on other things that really matter such as mental/physical health, personality, opinions, speech, knowledge, and socially.

Check @king_kydian.13 story to see me in action with the lightsaber. πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ

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