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Victoria C.  Makeup Freelance MAC Victoria Segreti Makeup on YELP 📞 ӀՕѴҼ @kturnquist ❤️

Yes!! I've been looking forward to this part of planning our wedding. If you know me, you know I love my music! It's my time to shine 😂🤔🎼🎧🎤🎸 @kr_tquist
#turningturnquist #weddingmusic #iknowyoulovemymusicnotes

Uhhhh ohhh I think I'm a bad influence on Kenny. Ha ha jk His first tattoo 😏 🇺🇸 @kr_tquist

Forgot to post what my parents got me for Easter 🐣They're getting me ready for my bachelorette party! Super cute!
#turningturnquist #bacheloretteparty #diamondfloat

Some of our engagement photos. They make me happy 😊❤️ @kr_tquist #9162017 #turningturnquist

Haven't posted makeup stuff for awhile. This is my new obsession! I love how it looks on my skin and I have very oily skin. I suggest using a beauty blender instead of a brush to apply on your face. It kinda of gets darker after it sets so I would also get a shade a little lighter then usual.
The price is definitely affordable ($5-6)
I love how my skin looks in pictures as well! Worth trying!
#wetnwildbeauty #wetnwild #wetnwildphotofocus #foundation #beautyblender #review

HONEYMOON BOOKED! Thanks to my awesome fiancé! I'm so excited!!! Can it be September already??!? @kr_tquist #honeymoon #paradisusplayadelcarmenlaperla

Nice Saturday off with my parentals! Rock & Brews #casino #letswinmoney #weddingfund

Part of the beauty blender bag I was lucky enough to get. I'm so grateful to be able to get my hands on that amazing bag! I used to "treat" myself buying a beauty blender since they're pretty pricey. Thank you #beautyblender #borntoblend

Fan girl moment! I got to meet one of my favorite YouTubers! @ingridnilsen so nice meeting you! #beautyblender #beautyblenderevent

Beauty blender event #beautyblender

Sneak peek! We finally took our engagement photos! I love this one so far. I can't wait to get the rest of them! Wow, I have a very handsome fiancé 😍 @kr_tquist
#sameplacekennypoppedthequestion #turningturnquist

I get to watch this lil cutie 😊#judethedude

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