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•Got to start off my day feeling all blue in the best ways ever with this little sad one. @nataliekriv19 better step up her game because Sadness and I truly became the best of friends today! You’ll have to come along next time, Nat, so my two #1 fav girls can meet and be best friends too! I’m sure you’ll get along with Sadness, we’ll all hang out and be all emotional together! 💙😏💙 • #insideout #love #bestfriend

•here’s me hanging out with Zebras on this sunny Satuday and acting like I don’t actually work until 2AM today• 🦓💕☀️

•love is love is love is love. Everywhere, anywhere. Love is louder and love is equal. The world has bigger problems than girls who kiss girls and boys who kiss boys.•❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #pridemonth #girlswhokissgirls #june

•making today a perfect day• #wecreatehappiness 🐭💕✨

•we’ll never be too old for fairytales• ✨👑💕
📸: @laricast

•i would travel miles and miles and I would follow any star, I’d go almost any place if it’s the place you are• ✨💗 📸: @waleska__

•warm, real and bright• ✨💗
📸: @waleska__

•Isn’t he dreamy?• 💚💗💙 #clearlyinlove #sillygirlsintraining 😹💪🏻

•grateful for your existence• 🍦💕👯‍♀️☀️ #sister

•so apparently it’s a #FireworksFriday and while I do not have a picture of the actual fireworks, I do have a picture of @djgrigsby and I POST seeing Happily Ever After for the first time ever. And I’ll just let it speak for itself. Happy #FireworksFriday !• ✨😹💕 #whatiswrongwithus

•it’s my squirrelfriend’s birthday and even though I can’t be there right now to sip on martinis with you and make brownies I am sending you all the love in this world. How lucky I am to have you in my life! Happy happy happy birthday, I hope it’s as sweet as dessert for breakfast and just as sweet as you. Love you, L.!• 🐿🎂🎉♥️

•we’re currently watching The Handmaids Tale under blankets but this day was fun too...• 🙊💕🐭 #noshame

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