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Let’s talk about bloating...🤰🏼 Last night I was hosting an event with the @thegirlgains and I probably said max 100 words because I was in SO much pain with bloating that it was draining my energy! I have experienced bloating before- I often get it from too much dairy. but I’d never had the ‘get the sweats, can’t stand up right, uber painful’ kind of bloating. I see so many people post about bloating saying ‘it’s ok, we’re all on this together’..... IT IS NOT OK! I’m no gut health expert, but if you’re experiencing severe bloating, you NEED to address the problem. It can be down to external and internal stresses placed on the body. Things like food, anxiety, tiredness can play a huge role on upsetting you’re gut. So find the root cause yourself, or seek help to have someone find the problem for you. I know mine is a mixture of stress, tiredness and eating a huge Buddha bowl yesterday when my body really cannot handle that much fibre... but I’ll defs be seeking help to try and fix my pretty poor gut health right now! 🙅🏼 literally made me scared to eat a proper meal again🙈 #realtalk#bloating#guthealth#girlgains#fitness#fitfam#strong#love#nutrition#beatthebloat#wcw#wednesday

After 3 days of indulgent, but no way near enough food; I just needed a nutritious, calorie dense meal☺️ cue alllll the veggies and alllll the fats🙌🏻
This is salmon fried in olive oil, with garlic butter new potatoes and roasted tenderstem, butternut squash, onion and kale, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and drizzled with olive oil 🤗

Now to chill with my yogurt bowl and hot chocolate and catch up with X-Factor 🙋🏼👑 #foodie#foodporn#nutritous#nutriton#fats#healthyfats#diet#omega3#girlgains#monday#mondaymotivation#lean#veggie

Brunch of dreams 💕

Woke up feeling slightly tender after a great night out in Glasgow, so we headed to @singlendcafe to soothe our heads ☺️ I was slightly apprehensive when I saw it from the outside 🙈 but as they say ‘never judge a book by its cover’. This was hands down the best brunch I’ve ever had😍

I got the Veggie baked eggs with sourdough toast, almond milk latte and then the team went in on some caramelised banana, and pecan banana bread (see IG story for food porn). 🙋🏼 #girlgains#brunch#foodporn#foodie#breakfast#sundayfunday#glasgow

Had such an amazing day yesterday at the @sfnexpo 💕 I was genuinely so Impressed by the vibes, and the Scottish health and fitness community☺️ Met so many amazing women, and felt super inspired💕 I love the places my job takes me, and how I’m constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone ☺️ Now for a day exploring Glasgow 🥂 #girlgains#healthy#fitness#fitfam#strong#inspiration#sundayvibes#glasgow#sfnexpo

Procasta-selfieing - Taking selfies to avoid doing anything one should be doing🙈

It's been one busy week, and I'm currently packing for a weekend in Glasgow for the @sfnexpo 💃🏼🙋🏼 I don't really know what to expect, but I'm really excited to meet lots of new faces and hopefully inspire you with our @thegirlgains body confidence talk, and my own super powerful Personal Development & Goal setting session!🤗 Comment below if you're coming to @sfnexpo 💃🏼👑 #girlgains#selfie#love#healthy#happy#fitness#happy#fitfam#scotland#sfn#lean#strong#inspire

Today is World Mental Health Awareness day 🌏💕 Before I experienced my own struggles with mental health, I was somebody who misused the word. I put all mental health disorders under one bracket, and I thought of people that had issues like depression and anxiety, in a very negative way. How narrow minded was I??🙅🏼 I was confused when I began suffering with anorexia. My days seemed so dark, and I genuinely could not see my purpose in the world. I didn't understand why one day I was so confident and the next I had zero self esteem. I was kinda lucky that my illness made me visibly ill, because I know there are a few too many people out there who wear the biggest smile on top of the pain they feel inside, and those are the people who need help the most.🙏🏻 While medication can help cases, I believe the cure of the illness is to talk and be heard!!🙏🏻 So if you're currently suffering, please know there is a way out, and please please please speak up! 🖤#mentalhealthawareness

Had the best day in York with @mrobfit celebrating 2 years of us☺️ We share a BIG love for food, so this weekend has been spent indulging on all of our favourites🤗 champagne afternoon tea, Italian, cookies, ice cream, chocolate 😃🍫🍰🥂💁🏼In the past, I always felt the need to shout out loud about all of the things that I've eaten which don't seem 'clean', but I've grown since then. I've grown out of obsessing over food, stressing about calories or making sure I hit my protein target every day. It wasn't until I was in a situation recently where everyone around me was so 'fitness' that I realised, I'm worlds apart from that kinda thinking nowadays.🤷🏼‍♀️
I just see food as food🤷🏼‍♀️ I use it for energy, good health, socialising and happiness 🤗 I couldn't think of anything worse than tracking macros or following a regimented plan, however I still manage to maintain (what I believe to be) a healthy, lean physique.🏋🏼‍♀️ I genuinely think that's down to the zero stress I have about food 🤷🏼‍♀️. It took me a LONG time to be in such a calm place, and I did have to continually challenge my own thoughts; but I persisted, and now I'm here ☺️
In the past I'd have called today a 'bad day' now I just call it life 🤗#foodie#realtalk#york#girlgains#love#healthy#strong#recovery#eatingdisorder#mindset#growth#change#inspiration#fitness#fitfam#sunday#sundayfunday#happy

Happy 2 years to the guy behind my smile @mrobfit ☺️💕 I won't go on about how obsessed with him I am, because I think you already know 😂🤗 But what I will say is, never settle for anyone who doesn't bring out the absolute best in you💕 Find the man who will challenge you, support you, and buy you a personalised princess dressing gown for your anniversary 🙋🏼 Thank you for always being my number one fan, Thankyou for making my world go around 🌏
Some of the best bits of the past 2 years 🤗my smile gets bigger and bigger 💕#love#happy#healthy#girlgains#myworld#bae#boyfriend#fitness#fitfam#smile

This ones for YOU!
You, who feels like you're not good enough. You, who has accepted that what you are right now, is all you'll ever be. You, who has been knocked down, and stayed down there because it's easier for you to fall into the back ground, than be the ray of sunshine that you are! THIS ONES FOR YOU 🌟

A page from the most powerful book 'agitate your thinking' by Kate Marshall. 💕 #mind#power#strength#love#healthy#happy#book#quote#inspiration#girlgains

I used to really hate my thighs. I genuinely thought they were the biggest things since life began. A fb status from my 13 year old self that read 'how do I get rid of my tree trunk legs? I hate them' Jumped up on timehop the other day, and I read it back and felt so shocked 😲a combination of starting puberty at a very young age, spending my days stood next to ballerinas, and some passive mindless comments; literally haunted me and lead me to believe they were abnormally huge. I remember I would look in the mirror, and the only thing I could focus on were my thighs. I would practise different ways to stand so that they wouldn't touch at the top. 🙈
I guess it took hitting the peak of my eating disorder, with a very big thigh gap, STILL being conscious of my legs ; to actually realise that it wasn't my legs that were the problem, it was they way I thought about them.🤷🏼‍♀️
I've had to retrain my mind to see them in there most beautiful form. I've learnt to be grateful for what they can do. I've accepted my cellulite, and the wobble when I walk and the fact they're always going to be 1-2 sizes bigger than my upper half. Most of all I've learnt to friken LOVE them, they're literally my favourite body part now! I'm proud of how strong and shapely they are, mike always reminds me how I have 'the best bum in the business' 😂🍑 if I can turn my most hated body part into my favourite, then so can you! Sometimes you just have to stop trying to change it, you have to change the way you think about it 💕

If you're coming to my Body Positivity talk at @vlique_uk on Saturday, I'm promise you'll walk out of there a new woman🤗- make sure you get your ticket if you haven't already🙌🏻#girlgains#thick#thighs#strong#love#bodypostivity#healthy#mindset#tbt#inspiration#motivation#ass#booty#loveyourself

Timehop just reminded me that it was exactly 2 years ago today that I competed in my last bikini competition 😱

Am I proud of it? No🙆🏼 Do I regret it? No, corse not 🤷🏼‍♀️. A lot of people raise the topic of competing to me and ask me why I did it. I'm very open in saying it was a very good way to dress up my disordered and obsessive habits. Obviously I can't vouch for everyone in saying that, but what I am sure of is this:
It's easier to achieve extremes in anything than it is to achieve moderation- especially when it comes to food. It took me 1 week to get used to following a strict meal plan on prep , but it took me over 1 year to learn to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 💁🏼 If your goal is to loose weight, or get in shape, PLEASE take this on board- The ONLY diet you can sustain for the rest of your life, is a healthy and balanced one! So stop wasting your time going to the extremes and strive to find the middle ground. It's not easy, you will have success, and failures, but eventually you will find so much peace with yourself, food and exercise. ☺️ #realtalk#bikinicompetitor#transformation#transformationtuesday#healthy#balance#diet#lean#abs#fitness#fitfam#inspiration#girlgains

Happy Monday🌟 May your coffee be strong and your egg yolk be luminous orange😘

Absolute brunch porn😍 I don't know about you, but although I eat eggs, avo on toast every morning, I just can't order anything else 🙈

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