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Even though she wasn’t there last night, all these connections were brought through Moriah’s life. I’m so grateful for the way God works to place really dear, special people around us.
And even though Uncle Dave hogged Dorian most of the night 😂, I got my snuggles in to last me until my next Dorian fix. Love you guys @evergreenphysicaltherapy @dwillofthe9 @trinaboo #doriankhalil #momentswithmoriah

My baby Jadon. Always a light in my life. As much as he gives me headaches with his energetic, fortnight-dancing, 50-questions-a-minute, poop and fart-joking 7 year old self, he is still the sweetest little guy around. I feel so blessed to be his mom.

Guys, I’ve highlighted my hair since I was in high school. That is over half my life now, and I’ve used purple shampoos ever since then. I just tried Monat’s Coulour Enhance Perfectly Platinum Shampoo for the first time yesterday, and it took out all the brassiness in my hair...just. Like. That!! It’s seriously amazing! Those of you who know me have been able to see the results with your own eyes!
I’ve never been one to have good hair. I’m just a regular mom who had hair loss after babies, and had dry, damaged hair. I’ve been sharing my Monat journey as I go along because my hair has never felt or looked so good.
Let me know if you have any questions about products, or if you want to place an order with me to try it out, and see the results for yourself 😄

#monat #monatperfectlyplatinum #mymonatjourney

Dearest Friends and Family,
Today, I let the tears flow freely. Today marks 4 years since Moriah went to Heaven, and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t miss her or think of her. But, today, it is with great honor that I announce the children’s book I wrote in tribute to her...and wrote with Moriah and all her friends in mind.
I wrote the first few pages soon after Moriah passed away on December 1, 2014, but never finished it due to my heart still breaking. Several years later, in 2016, I wrote the rest of the story in one afternoon and early in 2018, I received a publishing deal after I worked one whole year with an illustrator to complete it! But, unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding with the illustrator, there was a falling out, and I lost my publishing deal.
I picked up the broken pieces, moved forward, and found another illustrator. One thing that I learned through Moriah is that not everything goes as I expect or plan. We completed the book over the summer, and I submitted it to the same publisher, Koehler Books, who showed me understanding and grace through this whole process.
Now, I’m happy to present to you, Hiya Moriah, coming out in March 2019!
My author website is at
where you can learn more about the book, and what’s to come. (Link in bio)

I’m forever grateful for each of you. Thank you for continuing to be on this journey with us.
Love, Victoria (Moriah’s Mom)
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On holy ground with the Geyling family...I’d buy guacamole for you guys everyday of the week if it meant we got to be with each other. Love you guys so, so much.

Pretty darn thankful for these guys #thanksgiving2018

Well, we were at Forest Home for a total of about two hours until we had our friends, Vomit and Croup visit us, and we had to re-pack the car and kids, and drive back home 😭. This weekend has been filled with lots of naps, humidifiers, barf buckets, coffee, tea, pj’s, movies, iPad, and chicken noodle soup. And children who remind me at the end of the day, why I do everything that I’s all for them. ❤️#untilnextyear✌🏽#foresthome #itwasawesomewhenwewerethere #momanddadlife

Oh my goodness! What a night!! Justin and I attended a Gala for the Ronald McDonald House Pasadena, and it was magical. We were so honored and humbled to be there, to see so many generous donors who make it possible for the families to be close to their loved ones in the hospital. I will never forget what it meant to Justin and I to be able to walk to the hospital and see Moriah. We were at the House in Palo Alto for 8 months, and it became home for us. Thank you @thespace4grace for making it possible for us to be there! And to Mr. Carl Everett for sponsoring our tickets. What a gift it was to be included more ways than one 🙏🏽❤️ #rmhpasadena #ronaldmcdonaldhouse

Ate way too much candy ✅
Had fun in school parades ✅
Partied with friends ✅
Stayed up way past bedtime ✅
I don’t know about the kids, but this was a fun-filled Halloween for me 😂 #halloween2018

Photo cred @bbpea

Ugh. Big feelings from Jadon tonight. As the anniversary of his sister’s death is almost coming up, it’s like clockwork and he starts to grieve her the same time every year. My heart took a beating tonight when he cried to me saying that he really missed her, saying that “sometimes I wish I wasn’t me so that I wouldn’t have to feel so sad about her dying.” 😭😭😭 He also said he created a room for her on his Minecraft game 😢. It’s a lot for anyone to go through a death, let alone the little ones. Will you guys keep him (and me and Justin) in your prayers as we approach December 1? It’s a hard time for all of us. #momentswithmoriah #childloss #siblinggrief #grief #brotherslove

Shane and Olivia’s Birthday Party Part 2!

Olivia and Shane’s Birthday Party Part 1. We had so much fun celebrating these two today!! Especially with Fairy Miss Nearly🧚‍♀️. She was pretty magical and made Olivia’s day. Shane slept through most of his party 😆

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